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  • 'Shopping' Joyce Carol Oates

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    Analysis A relationship between a mother and daughter may not be perfect at all times. There are many things that can make the job of being a mother tough and one of them is being a single mother. In the short story, “Shopping” by Joyce Carol Oates there is no exception to modern day hardships that come along the road of motherhood. The turbulence in Nola and Mrs. Dietrich relationship is shown during their shopping trip to the mall where Nola hardly speaks to her mother. Mrs. Dietrich refuses

  • The Abdduction By Joyce Carol Oates Analysis

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    The Abduction Joyce Carol Oates has captivated the imagination of the reader within her short story The Abduction. There are many components to making a story great as well, and in his Ted Talk “The Clues to a Great Story”, Andrew Stanton goes into detail about the dos and don’ts of story. Joyce Carol Oates uses several of the positive references from Stanton’s Ted Talk throughout her short story to grab the reader’s attention and envelope them into the story of a girl gone missing. As anyone

  • Analysis Of Joyce Carol Oates ' Academy

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    Joyce Carol Oates grew up on a small farm, outside of the town Lockport, New York (“Joyce Carol Oates” Academy 1). She attended a small school that had one room in Lockport, and her family had been hit by the Great Depression while she was growing up (“Joyce Carol Oates” Academy 1). She first began writing when she was 14 because her grandmother gave her her first typewriter, which put her on her path to writing novels (“Joyce Carol Oates” Academy 1). After high school, Oates went to Syracuse University

  • Analysis Of ' Valentine ' By Joyce Carol Oates

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    Joyce Carol Oates is one of the better writers of this decade; she has created masterpieces with her stories as well as her work overall throughout the years. In one of her short stories, Valentine, she creates a series of subtle hints to fairytales. Oates is known for alluding to different and all kinds of hints in her stories, but her subliminal references to fairytales have been one I have seen the most. Throughout the short story Valentine, Oates makes many nonchalant allusions to fairytales

  • Joyce Carol Oates Short Story Analysis

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    they cannot be honest about. In Joyce Carol Oates short story, this is exactly what Sunny does. The understanding and meaning of a free world between Sunny and Zachary display just how differently people view and relate the outside world to their life choices and responsibilities. A discussion could be brought on about this topic, or if teens view it as a free world too, and how they feel about their own responsibilities and choices, in this free world. Oates uses irony in her writing to point

  • A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Joyce Carol Oates

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    O’Connor and “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been,” by Joyce Carol Oates, the authors illustrate the attitudes that people possess toward death. O’Connor is considered to be motivated by religious appeal, whereas Oates writes to depict the temptation of death. Those that have no choice in their death see it as a punishment, while those that choose to die see it as a blessing. Through the use of symbolism, diction, and comparisons, O’Connor and Oates shed light on the differing perspectives of death.

  • Where Have You Gone By Joyce Carol Oates

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    Joyce Carol Oates “Where have you gone, Where have you been” demonstrates a dysfunctional relationship amongst a family towards a young lady, Connie, bringing about a dispute as to whether the “Where have you gone, where have you been?” includes biblical references and irony. Using prior knowledge one may conclude that the short story may sounds as if a person is searching for themselves on a journey unknown to take past experiences and learns to use them as a future reference in where to go next

  • Attempts to Connect in Joyce Carol Oates' Shopping Essay

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    Attempts to Connect in Shopping Although Shopping, written by Joyce Carol Oates, is fiction, the story portrays a relationship that represents many parents and children have in real life.  The child is growing up and wants to spread her wings.  However, the parent usually does not want to let go.  Arguments and the awkward silences are frequent. The seemingly useless attempts to connect with the son or daughter are also frequent.  Yet, what the child does not realize is that no matter how old

  • Social Value Role In Tone Clusters By Joyce Carol Oates

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    Role in Tone Clusters By Joyce Carol Oates Tone Clusters is a play written by Joyce Carol Oates in 1938. She is an American writer who grew up in the countryside outside of Lockport, New york and where she attended a one-room schoolhouse in the elementary grades. She had been became a typewriter at the age fourteen. Oates graduated from Syracuse University and earned an M.A in the University of Wisconsin in England then she lived in Detroit. Between 1968 and 1978, Ms. Oates taught at the University

  • Joyce Carol Oates Is An American Writer Who Writes Poetry,

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    Joyce Carol Oates is an American writer who writes poetry, short stories, novels, and nonfiction. She published one of her short stories called: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” in 1993. In this particular story, Oates writes about a young teenage girl, who in my perspective the fifteen-year-old girl liked getting the attention from everyone, especially from boys. Her name was Connie; the young girl who lived in her own little world dozing off most of the time, and always standing out