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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Discrete Wavelet Transform

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    Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT is a frequency based transform which is performed on wavelets. It can be 1-D, 2-D and etc. It divides an image into four sub-bands, namely  LL (Low resolution image)  HL (Horizontal)  LH (vertical)  HH (diagonal) This division can be performed up to many levels. It captures not only notion of frequency content but also temporal content. Wavelets provide a mathematical way of encoding information in such a way that it is layered according to level of detail

  • Advantages Of Multimedia Technology

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    4.1.1 Introduction Everything is cross-platform now. That's part of the reality that we live in - a multifaceted, multimedia world - and I'm delighted to be a part of that. -Robert J. Sawyer After the advent of technology and computers, lot of things around the world have changed. The way people communicated has undergone a remarkable change thanks to automation and machines. Mobile technology is another field which has revolutionized communication, information sharing and data retrieval. The world

  • Design Of An Optimized Compressive Sensing

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    Abstract— This paper presents the design of an optimized Compressive Sensing (CS) based image compression technique for data transmission over mobile wireless noisy channel. The proposed technique is more robust to channel noise. It uses individual measurement driven coding scheme, which facilitates simpler encoder design. The shift of computational burden from encoder to decoder is more suitable for mobile devices applications where computational power and battery life are limited. This paper also

  • Different Types Of Bitmap

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    increased in size the image then becomes pixelated, this means that the image will loses quality. The files size for a 200x200 image will always be 118 Kb. A bitmap is usually use for photos that you have taken on a digital camera which are for example JPEG files(13). Lossless Lossless is a type of compression, when the file is compressed the quality still stays the same when the file is reloaded and all the information will be restored completely. This method of compressing files can be applied to

  • Application Of An Android App

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    Introduction In order to fulfil the task presented, which was to create an android app which displays a university campus map – with clickable buildings showing the available computers in the building while also having buttons for reserving a computer. In addition to being able to cancel a reservation, and alter the number of computers available dependant on reserving or cancelling reservations. To do this I have to plan the procedure I will take while coding it using the AppInventor program. First

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Compression

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    block is also a (8×8) block composed of P(m,n). As a result of transformation, the element in the upper most left corresponding to zero frequency in both directions is the DC coefficient and the rest are called as AC coefficients. QUANTIZATION IN JPEG Quantization is a lossy step where we loose data. The DCT is a lossless procedure , the data undergoing through this procedure can be precisely recovered through the IDCT . During Quantization every coefficients in the (8×8) DCT matrix is

  • File Format, Compression Techniques, Image Resolution And Colour Depth On File Size And Image Quality

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    a final conclusion about the best ones to use for certain tasks. Seen as there are numerous different uses for images it means that the quality will differ for different purposes. The formats which I will be discussing within this report include JPEG, GIF’s, TIF, PSD and BMP. All these formats are made for different reasons and I will be explaining these differences in quality and file size. Each format varies in the depth of the colour within the image, some have larger colour depth meaning that

  • Application Of Graphics And Design

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    Application of graphics Backgrounds A good background should have a consistent colour scheme which is eye-catching without being overpowering to your eyes. So depending on the style of site should use block colours this will give the website a sleek but simple look. But depending on the purpose of a site the background colours etc. can vary e.g. if a background was for a childrens sight it may be colourful or a car site may be a steely grey if it was intended to sell sports cars e.g. an Aston Martin

  • Analysis Of Watermarked Images Using Steganography

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    generation. In this paper, we perform watermarking on different types of images like BMP, JPEG etc.., and the input image is pre-processed and converted into JPEG-LS format which contains enhanced quality. Keywords : JPEG Steganography, uniform embedding, distortion function design.________________________________________ 1.INTRODUCTION Digital Watermarking technique is used to hide a small image in jpeg, jpg, bmp image of data in a digital signal in such a way

  • Cyber Crimes Over Recent Years And The Social Affects

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    Literature Review Study During this literature review, I will be explaining the increase in cyber crimes over recent years and the social affects this has in current society. Furthermore, this literature review will also focus on the topic of digital forensics and the problems that investigators have against the ever growing number of cyber crimes. However, the main part of this literature review is to discuss the topic of Steganography and how this is used in the world of cyber crime for malicious