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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    "Just give him space maybe later you can talk to him and see what happeneds"I said trying to comfort her . "He 's not coming back." She said from the corner of my eyes I could see calum. "He isn 't" Calum said shocked. "No baby I didn 't mean it like that." She said taking her face from my chest to look at him. "He said he was gonna visit me" he said crying before he ran off to his room "I gotta go thanks for coming Ashton" Emily said following Calum. I sighed leaving out the front door. I should

  • The Forever Long Never Ending Time For An Essay

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    The Forever-Long-Never-Ending Time for an Essay A few years back I saw Albert Einstein, who was quoted saying. "The only source of knowledge, is experience." I 've always seemed to stick that in my thought process some way, now, going back to the exact moment I figured out the importance of not only school, but life. You see, now, I am an honor student. Now, I am a sophomore, who is 15 and can differentiate between right and wrong (by the way, I choose right). Now, I am a creation of my experiences

  • The Death Of The Girl

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    Regret The bells chimed and the sound faded into a soft echo. Birds were chirping: singing the songs of nature as their wings cut through the sunlight. The thick, crisp greenery shadowed and protected life from the rays of the sun. The tall bark stood strong and would be used as support from the sorrows of death. The bells chimed again. Inside were the faces of grief and mourning. Flowers surrounded the dark place to bring a shard of hope and brightness. The girl was sleeping there peacefully as

  • The Struggles I 've Had With My Name

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    The Struggles I’ve Had With My Name I love my name. I haven’t met one person in my whole life with the same name as mine. Just like most of the kids from my religion, my name has a meaning that I can be proud of. My name, Gurrose, means God’s rose. When I was born, my grandma and my dad wanted to name me Reea (some old indian actress I think). My mom suggested the name Gurrose. My grandparents liked it, but they also had their pride so they didn’t let go of Reea. They ended up naming me Reea Gurrose

  • Summary Of ' Emily 's Pov '

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    Emily’s POV All I want in this worlds is for Dan to be happy. For him not to feel the despair. He hasn’t talked to me in two years, and I miss him everyday. Why couldn’t I be there for him? Why couldn’t I see the signs? They were so obvious….I just want another chance! I heard there was a new kid coming today maybe he can help Dan, maybe he can make him feel loved again. Phil’s POV I walk in with my heart rate skyrocketing, and stomach is churning. It’s a new start to my sophomore year. That

  • My Memories - Original Writing

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    I wake up to the sound of the front door closing ‘ just another day’ I tried to tell myself. As I shifted in my bed my eyes had begun to close shut again, stunned by the bright sunlight piercing through the curtains. Rubbing my eyes happened to be the natural thing to do when relieving them from the radiant sunlight. Lazily I looked to my left and the picture of my mother caught my attention, as it did everyday. Not only did I miss my mother but the picture had been a token of my innocence and a

  • My Life Lesson Trough A Teacher 's Eyes

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    The Life Lesson Trough a Teacher’s Eyes, is a book written by Dr. Jillian Laderhouse. This book is like a journal where Dr. Laterhouse tells personal experiences that have shaped her life. The book commences off with a strongly affirmation where Dr. Latehouse states that be a teacher is her life’s calling. In the introduction of the book Laterhouse establish her foundation as a teacher, she mentioned many experiences that shape her as a teacher and recall the fact that she lived in a teacher profession

  • My Last Summer - Original Writing

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    My Last Summer She turned round and suddenly she knew, this was it. All she could do was laugh, what else could she do? Swim, she would never make it. It was right in front of her, there was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide she was in the open. She closed her eyes and hoped it wouldn’t hurt, when suddenly she saw the light. We had been driving for what felt like hours, even though I knew it was only for 3. We were almost there. The final summer together. Our final journey as a family to the place

  • You Awake With A Jolt

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    You awake with a jolt. The blankets quickly fall to the floor. You don’t understand why you awoke so quickly and violently but, you assume it has something to do with your dream. You never remember these dreams but it seems that slowly you are. This however, is not the case today. The room you are in seems incredibly bright but there is not sun breaking through the windows. You look towards your alarm clock and see that it is only 6 am. You sigh. You have a feeling today is going to be a long day

  • The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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    Have you ever heard of the short story “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury? Well I have and one possible theme in this short story would be that don’t let electronics take over you and your life. This story was written in the 1950’s about the future and what it would be like. The story focuses on the house, and the main character bought for the children. The house has every machine you can think of, a shoe tier, shoe shiner, and many other different machines. The main characters are George the father, Lydia