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  • The Passion of the Feather Pen

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    The Passion of the Feather Pen Rayvon S. Harrell The poem peaceful decent is dedicated to my Great grandmother Clarine B. Allen. Clarine B. Allen along with her husband J. D. Allen were responsible for raising three generations of children to include my Grand mother, my mother and her siblings as well as me an my two older sisters. To me this was one of the strongest women I have seen walk this earth. This woman was a true blessing to me and all others that encountered her. What makes her so

  • A Fiction Story About Being Engulfed by a Video Game

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    "Hey Drake over here bro. Looks like its just me and you right now." I wonder why its taking Kyle and Cori so long to get here. "So Zach look over to the manager. She is pretty good loooking don't you think. Oh wait thats not how you think. Your so wierd bro. Like i don't even understand that you don't think like that." Drake kept going on about her but i didn't listen. I was trying to focus on are next match. We were playing the same team which didn't make sense at all. I might just bench Kyle

  • My Special Moment with Evan Essay

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    Untitled My heart beats hard in my chest. I stand in the long line of students, waiting for my name to be called. Today is graduation, I’m going to get my diploma, finally free to go to college. I look around, trying to find my family in the crowd in front of the stage. I find them in the third row, my mother smiles and waves to me before she snaps the hundredth picture of me today. I roll my eyes at her, how many does she need to remember this day? I look at the people she is sitting with, Ciara’s

  • Windows Server

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    CMIT 369 7981 Installing and Configuring Windows Server Windows Server Proposal Worldwide Advertising Inc. Summary Wordwide Advertising Inc. is a newly established advertising firm will require a server environment to manage a starting staff of 90 employees and various roles required to manage their network. Windows Server 2012 will be installed to manage the following server roles. Exchange to manage company email, Active Directory to manage the domain to include

  • Dialogue Essay - Original Writing

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    - You heard Calvin talking and knew he was doing a video but decided to walk in anyways. You waited until he wasn 't talking and was editing his video. "Cal?" "Yeah?" "I was just thinking that maybe we could do something for a bit." "I 'm kind of busy right now, Y/N," he said. "Yeah, I know, but I 'm just feeling kind of-" He interrupted you. "Fuck. Y/N, can you just go please?" He asked and you could tell he was trying to control his anger. "Maybe you just need to relax and-" "No, I

  • Personal Narrative - Original Writing ' Music Box '

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    Everything was perfect, until the accident that changed our lives. Our dad left us when we were little. We don’t have any memory of reconcile of him. He left one night and never came back. It was just me, Melody, and Moma. When Daddy left, Moma wouldn’t do anything but play the old song she said that Daddy loved to play. Shortly after that, she started playing other songs, we would dance around the sittin’ room every night after supper. Moma playing the piano and Melody and I moving in on the carpeted

  • I 'm This Is It Then?

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    “I guess this is it then?” My chin starts to tremble. “For now, babe,” her voice breaks. Despite my stooped posture, I lean in and give her the tightest hug I have ever given her. “Thank you so much for everything!” My words muffle against her shoulder. Our clutch is both strong and weak at the same time. Strong, because of the resolve we have in this friendship, but weak because we are unsure of the next time we’ll see each other again.  “You know, I’d do anything for you, Dana!” Tears start flowing

  • A Blonde Curtain Of Hair

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    A blonde curtain of hair stands between me and the girl, who keeps her head down and tucked into her knees as if ashamed to be near me. My eyes dart around the room, but all I see is black, black walls, black floors, and the black dress draped over the blonde girl 's pale frame. She looks up and my sister 's face is the one that greets me. "Emma," I want to say "Em, what 's going on?" But my lips won 't move. No sound is heard throughout the room until I hear her voice "Why Alice! Why did you

  • My God Where Is Alaina Or Carolyn

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    Oh my god where is Alaina or Carolyn? I cannot wait to tell them about what am I going to do today! I thought to myself. I am a 6th grader who was Cupertino Middle School, early in the morning at 7:30 waiting for one of best friend’s to come so I could tell them something exciting. I had been waiting for minutes in the sun shine with so much excitement and happiness because it was the day where I was going to do something fantastically special! “Alaina, Alaina!” I shouted as I ran across to my friend

  • Personal Statement : ' Dearest '

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    Dearest They Are When I was around 13 years old, I noticed changes in my parents and how they acted around each other. I knew something was different. It felt cold in the house. I just thought they had problems going on, and that it wasn 't that big of deal. One day I had just come home from the last day of school in my 7th grade. I checked the answering machine for new messages and I found what I had least expected - a message from my mother 's divorce lawyer. Even though all the warning signs