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  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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    Upon arrival on campus, I had no time to spare as I pulled into the student parking lot. I got out of my car and went straight to class. I took a seat, making sure I kept my dress down enough. I watched as Mason came into class and he sat next to me. "So... I 'm sorry I missed going to the movies with you," he said. “What?” I completely forgot all about him. It was scheduled for yesterday and he called me that afternoon to let me know he had a cold. It was very unusual because it was normally me

  • I Sit Up, Gasping Essay

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    I sit up, gasping in terror. Sadie, ever alert, opens my door silently. “Elyssa?” She hisses, as not to wake up the sleeping child next to me. “It happened again,” I mumble, sitting in one of the kitchen chairs a few minutes later. Sadie places a cup of steaming mint tea in front of me. The cup burns my fingers and throat as I drink the entire thing. “Again? I thought it stopped…” “So did I.” I take a look around the kitchen, trying to find something to distract myself. “Are you sure

  • A Interview About A Day Essay

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    Aunt Georgia stood up beside my bed, bended down and kissed my forehead. "I am going to make you some tea and check on your father. Lie down and rest, sweetheart." "Thank you, Aunt Georgia." After she left my room, I stared at my closed door and cried myself to sleep. *** My cell phone rang, waking me up. I had been sleeping for three hours. Not fully awake, I answered my cell. “Hi.” "Hi, Isabel. I am so sorry about earlier. I did not mean to upset you." There was a long silence before

  • Sexual Assault Of A 9 Year Old Juvenile Female

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    On December 16th, 2016 I, Investigator James Poffel was assigned a case in reference to a sexual assault of a 9 year old juvenile female report. It was reported that the incidents took place several times, first occurring sometime in June of 2016 and the most recent encounter we are unsure at this point of when it occurred. On December 15th, 2016, Officer Wisdom was dispatched to Kids’ Space Child Advocacy Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma to take the initial police report. Once there, Officer Wisdom

  • The Other Wes Moore 's Life As Well As The Life Of A Man With The Same Name

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    In The Other Wes Moore, author Wes Moore tells the story of his life as well as the life of a man with the same name. The book published in 2010 to highlight significant moments in both of their lives. The book was overall amazing and I recommend it to anyone who likes books about making a change in one’s life. The novel captures the audience attention, has a great overall purpose, and is relatable to anyone who has overcome obstacles and has reached success. Wes Moore was born in Washington DC

  • What 's The News?

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    Assignment-01.Ransomware WannaCry ransomware attack What’s the news: Wanna Cry ransomware attack: 104 nations hit.The WannaCry ransomware attack has hit more than 200,000 PCs in 150 nations since Friday, Europol says. Governments, healing facilities and significant organizations have all ended up engaging the malware, which requests cash as a byproduct of unfreezing PCs. Russia was the most suffered nation.The infection attempted to taint a bigger number of PCs in Russia than anyplace else

  • Reading And Reading

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    Reading, writing, and speaking, all are important skills used in everyday life. I am sure everyone has a lot of stories concerning each of these topics. Each of the topics play vital roles in our lives from childhood to adulthood. Often our connection to a certain one will influence paths we take in college and our careers. Each one of us will have a different connection to one or to all. When I think about each of these topics and how they have influenced my life, the one that has the most

  • Descriptive Essay On A Haunted House

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    A Ghostly Tale “Hey” I yelled running up to my friends. “Oh hello” my friends all said in unison. My friends consisted of mary,riley,and samantha we had all been friends for a while now and got along pretty well. “ So are you guys ready to go to the haunted house yet?” “No but I probably never will be so I guess I am” riley said a little too loudly. “Okay then let's go” mary said with enthusiasm. So we went off walking towards the haunted house. We blended in pretty well with all the children trick-or-treating

  • Short Story : A Short Chapter : Chapter 1

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    “I didn't call anybody,” Dena looked at Fay. “His cell phone rang. He said it was you calling for help and that Fay was in trouble,” Fay looked at Kat whose face paled when she realized that had really happened. “Oh no,” Kat whispered. “Basement, huh? Alright. Watch yourselves...and watch out for us!” Dean handed Fay a gun and ran off with Fay hot on his heels. They quickly found the basement. “His spirit is here,” Fay whispered to Dean. “He is watching us as we speak,” Dean nodded, thinking

  • Summary Of ' The ' I Don 't You '

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    Leah was lying in bed wondering why life was this way- sad, disappointing. When her mom comes in.“Hey honey, just came to tell you dinner’s in five minutes. Ok bye,” and she leaves the room. “Mom, why don’t you ever talk to me, about my life, or my day like every other mom? You know I have problems at school that I don’t have anyone to talk to about! Now how do you think I would feel? Oh, I forgot you don’t even think I have problems in my life! Don’t you?” “Oh, sorry honey I didn’t know. I’ll go