Juan Felipe Herrera

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  • The Crossroads, 'At The Crossroads' By Juan Felipe Herrera

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    Juan Felipe Herrera’s @ The Crossroads - A Sudden American Poem considers the nature of social progress in the wake of devastation. In exploring this concept, Herrera reflects upon the atrocious events leading up to society’s titular crosswalk and contemplates how people can respond to tragedy in a beneficial way. Herrera ultimately conveys the theme of unity: to rebuild today’s broken communities, the populace must abandon shallow, divisive views and embrace the common humanity within its different

  • Comparison Of The Poetry Of Octavio Paz And Juan Felipe Alvarez

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    Both Octavio Paz and Juan Felipe Herrera are somewhat similar and somewhat different because Octavio’s poem is more emotionless whereas Juan Felipe Herrera uses his feelings and emotions and experience into the poetry and we can actually feel the flow of the poetry. He is more of the imagism like the poem “Let Me Tell You What a Poem Brings” where he set readers up for something more direct and discursive than the complex. His poetry is indefinite and evanescent and these qualities also render it

  • The Soul Is A Bone By Juan Felipe Carlos

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    I related to Juan Felipe Herrera’s poem “The Soul Is A Bone” on an emotional level. The poem itself is short, yet brings out so many raw feelings; there are feelings of fear, sadness, expectations, frustration and more. It reminded me of how precious an individual’s, in particular mine,soul can be. The use of certain devices, such as repetition and italics, allowed to connect with the poem more. The italicized lines set apart certain parts of the poem, making it feel as if the author himself was

  • Summary Of On Week Later In The Strange

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    The reading starts out by Elizabeth Alexander’s Autumn Passage and On Week Later in the Strange, written in the memory of her dear friend, Lucille Clifton who passed not so long ago. The poem contained a sense of bitter yearning of the “generational shift” nowadays. Toi Derricotte presented Speculations About I that made me wonder about I. It’s the 9th letter in the alphabet and means us. We question about ourselves, but the answer to the question only we know it because we represent ourselves. Her