Juan Ponce Enrile

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  • Puerto Rico Essay example

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    1508 the first governor arrived, Juan Ponce de León (who is more famous as the searcher for the fountain of youth and discoveror of the state of Florida). The island remained Spanish despite harassment and numerous conquest attempts by buccaneers and pirates and English and Dutch expeditions. To defend the island against these threats, two forts, El Morro and San Cristóbal,were built to guard the approaches to San Juan harbor. Defense of these

  • Essay on The Impact of Spanish Rule on Puerto Ricans Today

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    Spain "found" by Christopher Columbus on November 19, 1493, and remained a colony of Spain for the next 400 years. But the interesting fact remains that Puerto Rico was not truly settled by the Spaniards until almost fifteen years later! In 1508, Juan Ponce de Leon came to settle the land of Borinken, and founded the town of Caparra. This was the start of a proud people that would

  • Immigrants in America Essay

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    Americans, many of them because of religious persecution, and others because of they were just looking to start a new life on the exciting untouched frontier. For instance, in Florida, the first arrivals were European, beginning with the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon who explored the land in 1513, following French and Spanish settlement during the 16th century. From the past, America was seen as a country of opportunities. People from all over the world have moved here looking for better opportunities.

  • The Importance Of Driving In My Life

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    Anywhere but Here Have you ever wanted to get in your car and just drive until you find somewhere to start over? I’m sure this has crossed the minds of most people. For me, the first time I got the urge was when I was around eighteen years old. I had gotten into an argument with my parents and decided to jump in my little blue Honda and drive off to take my mind off things. I drove down Babcock Road, and just kept driving. Well I hadn’t ever driven into the country area of Palm Bay before, which

  • Essay on Everyday Life in Puerto Rico

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    Everyday Life in Puerto Rico The commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), known to most Americans as simply Puerto Rico, exists as one of two territories owned by the United States1. Being a territory of the United States, Puerto Ricans possess common citizenship, currency, and defense. However, even though Puerto Ricans are United States citizens they do not pay any kind of federal income taxes. Therefore, they cannot vote in presidential elections. Puerto Rico is under

  • Essay about Analysis of the Film Century in the Sun

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    was responsible for the Florida East Coast Railway, throughout his life time he made a contribution to Florida’s economy with the help of tourism and agriculture. He joined Rockefeller to the finding of Standard Oil. He constructed a hotel called Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine and produced a railroad system for more people to visit Florida. 4. Mary Lily Kenan: third wife of Henry Flagler, they moved to Palm Beach estate. Flagler had a wedding present for Mary called the Whitehall, which is now the

  • The Life of Juan Ponce de Leon

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    Have you ever heard of Juan Ponce de Leon? Rumor has it he was searching for the mythical ‘’fountain of youth’’, but historians suggest otherwise. There are no surviving documents saying that Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for the fountain of youth. It is thought that Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdez disliked Juan, and attempting to make him look foolish, spread the rumor saying that Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for the fountain of youth. Both Juan Ponce de Leon’s birthplace and birthdate

  • Biography on Juan Ponce de Leon

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    Although Juan Ponce De Leon’s date of birth isn’t certain he was most likely born in 1474, he was born into a noble Spanish family and he was the son of a military hero. Juan Ponce De Leon was born in Santervas De Campos in Castilla which is now known as Spain. In his youth he spent his time working as a Page for a Spanish Knight. As a Page he cleaned his Knights clothing, cared for his weapons and tended to his horses. In return he was taught a code of honor and learned the way in which he could

  • The Effects of Eurpoeans on Native Americans

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    gave the Spanish the knowledge of how to defeat the city. Shortly later Cortes conquered the Aztec capital. However, Cortez was far from the only European who was attempting to take advantage of the wealthy natural resources of the new world. Juan Ponce De Leon searched for gold in Florida. Francisco Coronado explored the southern plains in his search for gold abusing Native Americans along the way by placing iron collars on them and harassed his captives with vicious dogs. Francisco Pizarro

  • Ponce De Leon Biography

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    Juan Ponce De Leon was a Spanish explorer. In addition to being an explorer, he was also a soldier, governor, and farmer. Ponce De Leon’s exact date of birth is not known. Many believe he was born around 1460 to 1474 in Santervas De Campos, Spain. He died in July, 1521, in Havana, Cuba. He died after he was shot by a poisoned arrow from the Indians who were trying to protect their land. Like most explorers, Ponce De Leon explored for the fame and fortune. He needed a job because he worked as a squire