Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo

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    These 5 include Kumeyaay, Cupeno, Nothern Diegueno, Luiseno, and Cahuilla. During this time Paradise Point was probably a large 44- acre sand bar in the midst of the Tidal Marsh that Juan Cabrillo believed to have discovered when he landed at Mission Bay. Unfortunately Cabrillo was not impressed with the bay because it was not deep enough to accommodate his ships, so he left it. In 1852 the United States Army Corps attempted to prevent water from flowing into the San Diego River

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    The indigenous village Otavalo, located in Ecuador, is known for the beauty of its people and surroundings. Situated in the highlands of the Andes mountains, it is surrounded by volcanoes, and known for its famous market. A distinct difference from the United States is how people earn money. Many people in the village make sweaters, blouses, and other traditional wear. They sell their merchandise in the huge market and as a result, most people in the village are well off. They also have more free

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