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  • The Authoritarian Personality By Erich Fromm Summary

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    The article, “The Authoritarian Personality,” written by Erich Fromm discusses the common and different characteristics between the two forms of an authoritarian personality. He starts to explain how one becomes a mature person. He states that to become a mature person, said person needs to have developed love and reason. He then states that an authoritarian character has not reached maturity, and therefore, has not developed love or reason. Erich Fromm continues to explain that the difference between

  • The Courtroom Of The Courthouse

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    encounter but I found a seat in the back and started to listen. Judge Claudia Robinson was preceding and she was not the judge you would kind of expect to see. Mid 40’s but in good shape. A lot like Judge Judy but younger. She has a way of doing things as I continued to listen I came to find out. Many people there were there for leaving the scene of an accident, marijuana possession, disorderly conduct. They all were facing jail time but the judge was really nice and pretty much offered every single person

  • The Small Claims Procedure Essay

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    The Small Claims Procedure The small claims procedure is regulated by RSA 503 in 1973. It is a simple, speedy, and informal method by which an individual appears before a judge of the district or municipal court, presents his or her claim, and explains why another person or business owes money to him or her. Small Claims Court can award up to $5000 in damages (larger claims can be heard, but the maximum that can be awarded is $5000). Although not required in Small

  • Court Observation At Harris County Criminal Justice Court

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    on October 25th 2015 at Harris County Criminal Justice Court , located in downtown of Houston city. The Judge in charge was Jan Krocker. It was an aggravated sexual assault of child case between The State of Texas vs. Samuel Gallegos. As I entered the court, the trial has already commenced so I did not really know how a real trial started. I sat in the back where the public sits, facing the judge bench. The courtroom was cold and quiet. Especially it was very small, much smaller and less impressive

  • Real People, Real Cases on Television

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    Judge Judy has been on air for 18 years now and recently signed a contract extending her show until at least 2017; The People’s Court trails behind having several judges preside on the bench. The first judge was Judge Wapner (most iconic in the day) with even Judge Judy’s husband on the bench (for a very short time)! The latest presiding judge is Marilyn Milian. They are loved by many, but those unfortunate enough to be on the guilty side of a case seeing the wrath of a judge might not agree. Every

  • Society's Media has Altered the Court Experience

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    United States law and its courts, causing the real world to become more of a blur. Media has given people somewhat of a basic aspect of the law and how it works, but little do people know what television shows such as Bones, CSI, Law and Order, Judge Judy, and etc., has inaccurate ruling of the laws and procedures. Giving a shrouded haze over our eyes in believing that the law system takes merely minutes to process. People need to understand that it is not all about the drama and the intensity

  • The Judgement Seat, By Oprah Winfrey

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    perfect then they shouldn’t treat others like they should be. Our society today knows what it means to judge or to be judged and that is why people are all living either in complete support of not judging people by their past or choices and those who live judging others for their mistakes. It is important to live by, not throwing stones when living in a glass house which can be shown through Judge Judy, Oprah Winfrey, “The Judgement Seat” and the presidential debate Judith

  • Setting : The Backseat Of A Private Town Car

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    Setting: The backseat of a private town car. At Rise: Mr. Peterson and Johnson are being driven to a deal that Mr. Peterson hopes to close by his personal driver, Amir. Johnson: Please tell me you didn’t have me wait ten minutes just to learn a lesson. Peterson: I’ve been waiting for you to give me the paperwork so I can close this nine-figure licensing deal. Johnson: Oh. Well I’ve had it this whole time if you would’ve asked. (He hands over the paperwork to Peterson.) Peterson: I know you have

  • Break The English Language

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    When initiating a conversation, one might say they are “breaking the ice”. But did you know the phrase “break the ice” is derived from small merchant ships attempting to cross waters in order to deliver products? A second ship, nicknamed “icebreakers”, would travel ahead of the merchant ship, creating a path which they could then follow to their destination. Using this procedure as a metaphor for starting conversation, influential figures in literature integrated “break the ice” into their compositions

  • Judy Bacas Murals Essay

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         The simple fact that Baca is a woman is extremely important when it comes to evaluating her impact on others. Being a woman and reaching out for social change the way that Judy Baca does takes much dedication and passion. Bell hooks writes about the commodification of women in the art world: “...an undiscerning marketplace seeks to confine, limit, and even destroy our artistic freedom and practice.” (Hooks 1981, 17). While