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  • Demographic Characteristics In Research

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    100. To our question “why do you accept such a small amount?” the following verbatim summarizes all their ideas: « Est-ce que nous on n’a le choix? Moi, j’ai ma maitrise, avec ça, on me paye 60,000 par mois parce que y a pas travail. En plus, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Aout et Septembre, pas de salaire. Je vis comment si je refuse l’argent ? Eux, ils sont à l’aise avec leur gros salaire que l’Etat leur donne tous les mois. Ils vont faire quoi avec l’argent de bac? » The English translation gives approximately

  • Managing and Handling Indiscipline in Schools.

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    MANAGING AND HANDLING INDISCIPLINE IN SCHOOLS A RESEARCH PROJECT ISABEL FREIRE, UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA JOÃO AMADO, UNIVERSIDADE DE COIMBRA ABSTRACT The research project we present here in (entitled GERLINDES, in Portuguese) is set out with the assumption that there is a link among the representations and the actions within the members of the interstitial groups of schools, the practices in action and social and disciplinary environment at schools. This research project is focused on eight case studies

  • Case Study : La Guerre Froide

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    La guerre froide Robin Karkafi Travail présenté à M. Lemieux dans le cadre du cours CHC2P-03 École secondaire catholique Garneau le 6 janvier 2015 Détente La guerre froide avait tourné les États-Unis contre l 'URSS de 1947 à 1991. Durant ces 44 années de chicane politique, les deux superpuissances ont connu un apaisement dans leurs relations politiques et sociales entre 1962 et 1979, cet apaisement a été connu sous le nom de la Détente. Le lendemain de la seconde

  • Reasons For Britain To Leave The EU

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    of these negotiations. Some studies, however, have sought to measure the long-term consequences for the British economy. Overall, they conclude that there are rather negative impacts on trade, GDP growth or per capita income (économiques, Créé le 30 juin 2016). The end of the financial passport For the financial players, the Brexit is a real challenge. Indeed, the City, the world's largest stock exchange, interacts mainly with the European Union, which accounts for 41% of exports of financial services

  • The European Theater Of World War II

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    In the European theater of World War II, 1942 marked the dominance of the Axis powers. German forces in the Soviet Union had reached Stalingrad and threatened the oil fields of the Caucasus; Axis forces in Africa seemed on the verge of pushing the British out of Egypt; and German U-boat wolf packs preyed on Allied shipping with relative impunity [1]. Late in 1942, however, two significant Allied successes served to turn the tide against the Axis powers. At El Alamein, a British offensive defeated

  • D-day Equipment and Strategy

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    Imagine being on a boat headed to Normandy, France with 160,000 other American, British and Canadian forces. There are planes flying overhead and there’s a tank on your boat and all the other boats have tanks. Then you hear your platoon leader saying “Men, we’re on our way to a heavily fortified beach head to take control of the beachhead. Securing the beachhead will help us stop Hitler’s plan to conquer the world for himself.” When they were at the beach they had to keep their heads low until the

  • Patrick Modiano

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    Adopting three remarkable epigraphs signifying a deep sigh rankled in the Jewish minds such mastermind as Patrick Modiano, whose birth coincided with the end of World War II and the beginning of France’s efforts to reckon with its complicity in the Holocaust,took brilliant enigmatic steps to discover his own Jewish shadow in the Jewish lives haunted by the horror of the German Occupation by exorcising the past through exploring the morally ambiguous worlds of collaboration and resistance. The immediate

  • Brief History of Prostitution

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    Brief history of prostitution Note by the author This document owes a lot to Max Chaleil’s work. His book, ‘Le corps prostitué : le sexe dévorant’ is the main reference of this file. This historical summary will mainly concern France, even though there are a few comparisons with the situation of prostitution in other countries. 1. The Beginnings : Sexual hospitality and sacred prostitution It is not so sure that prostitution is the oldest trade in the world; the Europeans admitted to it during the

  • The Day Of The Jackal

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    President Charles de Gaulle has survived another assassination attempt by the OAS. On the 25th of August (1963), otherwise known as the French Liberation Day, there was a plan to murder the President of France, General Charles de Gaulle. According to the French authorities, the assassin’s modus operandi involved shooting Le Général with a custom-made suppressed rifle; an investigation on the manufacturer of the gun is currently underway. However, the assassin’s plans (still unnamed) were thwarted

  • Home Care Services : A Vital Resource For Elderly And Disabled Persons

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    In home care services are a vital resource for elderly and disabled persons in the United States. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reports there are 12,400 home health agencies serving 4.9 million patients annually. Of these agencies, 80% are run by for-profit organizations, 15% by NPOs, and 5% by government. (Harris-Kojetin L, Sengupta M, Park-Lee E, et al, 2016). While the benefits of in home care are substantial, minimal regulations on the industry have resulted in an often high