Julia Margaret Cameron

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  • Julia Margaret Cameron Essay

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    and different ways of photo taking not only as documenting real time, but also conceptualizing a scene in which an image would be taken. Julia Margaret Cameron will forever be recorded in the history books as one of the first female photographers to make significant contributions to a field that was ruled by the male counterpart of her time. Julia Margaret Cameron was born 1815 in Calcutta, India and was the fourth child of James and Adeline de l'Etang

  • Pictorialism in the Victorian Era; Essay example

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    Pictorialism in the Victorian Era; The Works of Julia Margaret Cameron and Madame Yevonde A Personal Research Project Looking at Two Female Photographers of the Victorian Era and Their Styles of Photography Contents Introduction………………………………....................................................................3 Chapter 1 - Pictorialism……………………………….................................................4 Chapter 2 - Julia Margaret Cameron………………………………............................

  • Essay Victorian's Secret: Sexual Revelations

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    Victorian's Secret: Sexual Revelations Art in its various forms has developed throughout history in response to changing political trends, philosophical movements, and even technological advances. With the invention of the camera and its increased use in the Victorian era, photography became a recognized art form. As with most forms of technology that infiltrate society, photography since its creation in 1839 has brought about startlingly negative consequences. There is an ethical, moral

  • Pre Colonial Virginia Stephen

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    Christined Adeline Virginia Stephen and born to Sir Leslie Stephen and Julia Prinsep Duckworth Stephen on the 25th day of January, 1882, Virginia was the third child of the couple after Vanessa (1879) and Julian (1880), and before Adrian (1883). As the couple was into their second nuptial relationship, they both had children from their previous marriage— George, Gerald and Stella from Julia's; Laura from Leslie's. They all lived together at 22 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington. Leslie was an academician

  • Trunk Disdéri's Legs Of The Opera

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    Photography gave a face to the people that were often over looked; women, slaves, and non western now were being portrayed in greater numbers than before. Even as the portrayal of these people grew, the depiction of these groups were manipulated by the photographers in order to convey and fulfill the desired perceptions of the western society. These groups of people became a commodity in western society due to the the efforts by photographers to shape the portrayal of the photo’s subject(s), but

  • Women Susan Sontag Analysis

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    Sontag describes the practices of photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron and how she photographed men and women differently from each other, photographing women as models or objects of beauty and as vulnerable, tender and as a matriarch. Sontag also mentions how women were asked to say certain or shape their mouths

  • Conception Of Photography

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    evolution to a finer art form; fine style, form, and expression into the finished piece. Clementina Hawarden, one of the first female photographers, found beauty in the lens as seen in Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude, 1863-64. I find Julia Margaret Cameron, Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, 1867, similar to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, whereas form, grace, and light are used. Louis Figuier and my thoughts on photography as fine art are summed best when one identified photography in this manner;

  • Photography: Its Evolution and Effects on the World Essay

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    One of the universal languages of the world may be a one that would not normally come to mind, and that is photography. People all over the world can understand it, whether they speak English or something else. Since the beginning, man has striven to leave his mark on the world, be it caves drawings, sketches, or paintings. The art of photography has evolved in many ways, such as the different materials that were used, the ways to develop a picture, a camera’s size and portability, and how the camera

  • The Nature Of Photography As An Art Form Of Art

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    It has been well established over the years that paintings are without a doubt considered an art form. However, questions still arise about the nature of photography and how it can affect people’s view and the way it connects them to a world only seen by an image. After all, photography from the start, was meant for documentation purposes. One could argue that someone sitting and painting a landscape is just documenting reality. I understand why some people might argue that photography is not

  • Painting With Light By Dante Gabriel Rossetti Essay

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    The exhibition, ‘Painting with Light’ will be displayed at the Tate Modern in London from May the 11th till September the 25th 2016. To those of you who may see Edwardian and Victorian art as not being particularly exciting, i would encourage you to try and look past this disinterest and get down to see the ‘Painting with Light’ exhibition. The exhibition impressively manages to capture the development of art during the period in a way of which the disinterest of most is turned into intrigue and