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  • Short Story

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    entirely awe struck! Feeling as though one has stepped into a fairy tale brought to life, and that sky, the most beautiful clear sky ever seen by human eyes. I lift my hand to move some hair from my face only to stop dead in my tracks. Attempting to jump around like a little schoolchild before realizing the controls are a little bit different from the real word. Only had I taken notice to this revelation five seconds before would I not have fallen on my butt. Shuddering in "pain,” I find myself becoming

  • Descriptive Essay

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    for SCUBA Diving and Open Water fishing, called a Mako. I steered the boat into a pretty unprotected bay that had a nice black sand beach to the north and sheer cliffs to the south. The green vegetation clearly contrasted with the black lava fields around it.The water was deep in the bay. Yet the coral reef was visible even in the deepest spots. The boat was swaying ever so slightly rocking with the tides as i stepped away from the helm. I dropped the anchor and looked over to my best friend Brianna

  • Descriptivetive Of The Beast : Personal Narrative : The Beast

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    The Beast It was and endless repetition of when we jump dog bites our feet through the tramp. When out of nowhere the dog jumps on. Uh! Oh! We all thought. They all huddled together and I was face to face with the growling beast. It felt like it was slow motion. My friends moving like a snail towards each other each step louder and slower than the other. I saw them look towards me and their smile was changing. What was it changing into? Oh no their face looked worried. Scared to turn my head in the

  • Narrative Essay About Fishing

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    comes to one of them driving the boat while we are tubing. I want to stay as far away from the water as possible. Or else they will jump from tube to tube, or go 50 miles an hour and give me a huge migraine from yelling at them to slow the boat down. I’m like them in many ways but at the same time not so much. I don’t go hike up the side of a mountain for fun, or jump off a cliff without a life jacket.. A lot of the older ones are crazier than us young ones. Especially when they are trying something

  • Reflection Paper

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    track I took one look at the pits, and then told myself, “Today is the day. I am making it to states.” Throughout warm ups, I felt pretty confident about my steps on the board. I truly thought it was going to be a great day. I took my first three jumps and

  • My Thoughts On The Fear Of Heights

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    excitement in my heart of what I am going to do today- something that I have never, but always, wanted to do. I already imagine how I will feel after today: the adrenaline rush, the overwhelming confidence, the satisfaction. Today, I am going to cliff jump for the first time; today, I will conquer my fear of heights; today, I promise that this decision is immutable. I shut off all five of my alarms and look at the time on my phone; it is 9:30 a.m. I text my friends, waiting for them to pick me up. Meanwhile

  • Narrative Essay On A Winter Night

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    together. You tend to see people wandering around aimlessly. In my dream I’m jumping around from cloud to cloud tasting the water from them as I jump. Flying in between. I continue for a few more minutes. I get tired from jumping so I decided to fall from the clouds. I jumped from the clouds so that I could watch the twinkling stars. As I jump and fall I’m then greeted with a hard landing. I look to see what I landed on and it just so happened to be a boy. I jump up surprised that I didn’t squish him

  • Persuasive Speech About Bullying

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    “Come here right now, Gale!” My step mom yells. Ugh. What does she want this time, I mean seriously, the worst thing I’ve done recently I overfed the cats by like 2 treats. I run upstairs and yell, “what do you want?” “Why are you talking to your mom about being suicidal? There’s no way that you are, I mean there isn’t anything to even be depressed about.” “Having to listen to you all day is bad enough. First you try to put my mom in jail for “not liking you”. Then you yell at me for

  • Essay On Parking Place

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    the awful driving of my cousin Oscar, it took us around 20 minutes to find a free spot in two huge different lots. When we finally parked we decided to go separate ways since we did not want to do and see the same things. After getting off, the two separate groups went their own different ways, my two cousins, Adair and Oscar went to grab something to eat. While my cousin, cousin-in-law and I went to walk around the different stores there was around. First we walked to Downtown and 3rd Street Promenade

  • Exciting Little Moments That Aren 't Anymore

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    structures to run away. Four square, four corners, waterfall and jump rope were all classic games that we played. Jump rope was a challenging game. We would sing songs as we jumped rope like “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum”, “Ice Cream Soda”, “Miss Mary Mack”, or “Cinderella” and try to get the jumper to miss and even add different challenges to do while you were jumping rope like in “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear”: Teddy bear, teddy bear, Turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Touch the ground. Nowadays, it’s pretty