Junior tennis

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Youth Participation In Tennis

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    The sport of tennis is often thought of as a “country club” sport – limited only to the wealthy and elite. Due to its financial requirements, people who are less fortunate are often denied opportunities to play. Substantial expenses that accumulate from lessons, equipment, and membership fees deter potential players from participating. Inner-city youth are underrepresented due to lack of attainable resources and programs. Aside from financial limitations, many junior athletes favor the characteristics

  • The Importance Of Having A Junior Team Tennis Team

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    work out, keeping an optimistic attitude will allow an individual to learn from failure, and if someone is able to gain when they lose, they cannot truly lose at all. Three years ago, the coaches at my tennis club had told my friends and I that they would not be having another Junior Team Tennis team because we were not strong enough to compete

  • My Love: Ector Junior High Tennis Team

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    just like doing it. Well, mine is tennis, and it is my love, I would even say it’s my life. In the seventh grade I joined the Ector Junior High tennis team. I was not expecting fall so deeply in love with the sport itself though. Tennis has turned into that one thing that I look forward to doing every day. It relieves me when I’m stressed, it helps calm my anger, and when I have a lot of energy or need to wake up, then the tennis courts are my place to go. Tennis is the place I can go and feel like

  • The Fleeting Shadow: Life of Lawrence Exeter Essay

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    Flossie. ​“Mr. Exeter, Junior had collapsed and was sent to the emergency room!” Her voice was mixed with panic and consternation. Lawrence’s mind went blank and his phone dropped on the white speckled with gray tiled floors. ​“Dr. McCoy, are there any way to save my son?” Lawrence Exeter Senior pleaded. ​“Mr. Exeter, I believe you did not know about Junior’s conditions for the past few months. Junior is diagnosed with…” Dr. McCoy remarked. ​“Dr. McCoy! Patient Lawrence Exeter Junior is flat lining!” the

  • Prince Sports Business Analysis

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    sales figures are usually a measure success, tennis is no exception. In North America, tennis can be measured by the annual racket and tennis ball sales (Heitner, 2015). Prince Sports, a sports racquet company, has several different product lines. Their Prince brand serves tennis, squash, and badminton players. Racquet ball players may recognize the Ektelon brand and the Viking product line equips platform or table tennis players. Prince Sport’s tennis line consists of over 150 different racquet

  • My Vietnam Experience

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    different cultures. Now, I attend Fountain Valley High School. I chose to draw tennis because it is a significant part of my life right now. The first time I played tennis, it was somewhat reluctantly. My dad had signed me up for tennis lessons because he believed tennis was a good sport to learn. However, I grew to enjoy tennis and now I play almost every single day, both in and out of school. This year, I made junior varsity but I hope to

  • Narrative Essay On High School Tennis

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    Tennis became the subject of my passion in the years leading up to high school. For two hours, four days a week, I submerged myself into clinics, private lessons, and match play. There was no limit to where I would push myself both physically and mentally in order to become a strong athlete. However, my greatest pain wasn’t from the burning concrete of the courts or the sun which would blind me every time that I looked up to return a lob. Instead it was the aching that was beginning to develop in

  • Althea Gibson: A Great Tennis Player

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    the first African - American to win women’s singles tennis at Wimbledon. Althea was an energetic tomboy, but one day that energy was put to use. Althea Gibson was born on August 25, 1927, and died on September 28, 2003. Throughout those years Althea had accomplished many great things. She started out as a young, wild girl who was optimistic about everything. Her family had moved to Harlem New York. One day when Althea was playing paddle tennis, the musician, Buddy Walker, watched her. He noticed

  • The United States Tennis Association (USTA)

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    What is the USTA? The United States Tennis Association is the governing body for the sport of tennis across the US. Since being founded in 1881 the USTA has come a long way. Since then the association has gone through radical changes. There have been changes to the name and the organizational structure. In only 135 there have been over 50 different presidents. Even though the association has gone through many changes, one thing has remained constant. The USTA’s mission has always been to promote

  • What I Learned To Lose As A Tennis Player

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    Tennis taught me about learning to lose. As a freshman who had never played tennis, I was elated to start on the varsity team. Playing the number three position on my school’s, I lost match after match to people with years of experience. There were days where I questioned why I put myself in a position of constant defeat, and let myself lose with a personal and team record of 1-12. Our team may have finished last in the league, but I was not hopeless. In the next years, I sought not to focus on what