Junípero Serra

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  • Junipero Serra Religion

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    Junipero Serra: Missionary or Murderer? “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” These are the words we were taught as early young Americans. However, there is a man who’s actions have denied the Native Americans’ liberty and justice, and his name is Junipero Serra. Junipero Serra was a Spanish missionary who dedicated his life to spreading the Word of God to the natives of America so that He can forge his path: the path to Heaven. Although many of them were eager

  • The Impact Of Saint Junipero Serra

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    Saint Junipero Serra was born on the Island of Majorca on the 24th of November, 1713.1 To many, he is often regarded as the founder and spiritual guardian of old Alta California, as witnessed in his rather common title, “The Father of California.” 2 In response to this, an intelligent student of history might ask himself, “What effect did the man really have, if any at all?” To find the answer, one must delve back into the history of old Spanish California, taking a good look at the padre’s past

  • Analysis Of The Canonization Of Junipero Serra

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    Junipero Serra was essentially the founder of the mission system and he set much of the precedent as to how the missions would run and treat the indigenous people. Serra’s work on the missions had large effects on the native people besides just spreading Christianity to the New World. More recently, Serra’s canonization has been a rather controversial topic due to the history surrounding his treatment of the natives and the overall results of the missions. The Catholic Church is aware of this history

  • Essay about California Missions – Monuments or Tombstones?

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    and Mexicans came to practice at and lived in. I looked through the glass cases and saw the tools and pictures and copies of the Bible. The placards described what the tools were used for and where the Bibles came from. The drawings showed Father Serra or the lands as they looked then. The recent tour I did of the missions showed that things had not changed much. In fact, by the 8th mission, I was bored by seeing the same tools in the same glass cases, bored and frustrated, because that was the

  • The Effect of Spanish Colonization on California Indians

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    This paper will discuss the impact Spanish colonization and Mexican control had on the indigenous Indian population in California between 1769 and 1848. As well as discussing the historical origins, social organizations, material conditions, and world-view of the California Indians prior to 1769, this paper will explain the impact of New Spain’s Mission System on the Alta California Indian population between 1769 to 1821 and the response of its system by the Indians. Before the Americans and the

  • Establishment of Mission San Juan Bautista

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    their influence northward. The Roman Catholic church wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity. The mission system supported both goals. The first Franciscan mission in California (Mission San Diego de Alcalá) was established by Father Junípero Serra in what in now San Diego. Fifty-four years later in 1823, the Franciscans founded their last of 21 missions at San Francisco Solano. Each mission had an armed presidio to protect it. Each sought to teach the Native Americans both Christianity

  • San Luis Obispo History Center

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    San Luis Obispo History Center: Walking up to the San Luis Obispo History center was confusing at first, seeing the free library sign caught me off guard but the inside was different than I expected. This was my first time at the center and I always figured that it was just another random house that was built on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo, but what I found inside was actually quite interesting. The employee at the center was actually quite insightful and discussed how the center is

  • Spanish Colonization Occurred During 1781-1821

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    California theirs. The first two missions built were in San Diego and Monterrey. It all started with Father Junipero Serra he was on a "sainted mission" and his goal was to convert the California native Americans into christians. By the time the Spanish were done there was 21 missions throughout California, they were made a days walk from each other. Of the 21 missions Father Junipero Serra found the first nine. Spanish exploration and settlement had a negative impact on California and California

  • Mission Santa Clara De Asis

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    Mission Santa Clara De Asis Written By:Anh Le Introduction Have you learned about missions? One about the missions was that Junipero Serra founded only 9 of the 21 missions founded in California. One of the missions founded by Junipero Serra was Mission Santa Clara De Asis(Wikipedia “Junipero Serra) which is the mission I’m going to inform you about. One of the resources that I used for this paper was “The Missions: California’s Heritage,Mission Santa Clara De Asis” by Mary Null Boulé, published

  • Community Immersion Analysis On Community

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    Introduction The definition of Community, Netting, Kettner, McMurty and Thomas (2012) stated by Warren (1978) “Community is the combination of social units and systems that perform the major social functions relevant to meeting people’s needs on a local level.”(p.133). Understanding communities is important to social workers as they have, Netting et al (2012) “to know individuals functions within larger systems, understanding of its history and that communities constantly change” (p. 168). A community