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    An epic hero is someone who truly lives up to their name throughout all knowledge. When one considers and epic hero, Beowulf will definitely be one to think about. One that I believe fits the role of an Epic Hero whole-heartedly is Naruto Uzumaki who became a highly praised leader. Loyalty is the first quality that they both have in common. Beowulf is known to be of noble birth and loyal to his country. As it states by the poet, “‘that the monster’s scorn of men/Is so great that he needs no weapons

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    Setting: Age: 10 Takes place during the academy, 2 years in. Divergences: Hinata is looked down upon by the Hyuuga clan, but Hiashi still loves his daughters. Hiashi is determined to have both of his daughters avoid his brother’s fate. Neji still hates the main family. Scene: Hinata was walking home from the academy and just made her way to the main entrance of the Hyuuga compound. As she started making her way through the Hyuuga compound’s hall to her room, Neji appeared. “Hinata-sama, Hiashi-sama

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    An Exploration of Shōjo and Shōnen Manga through Sailor Moon and Black Cat Genres are one of the first things readers look at to help determine whether or not a book should be read. Although there are many similarities between the genres shounen (manga intended for males) and shoujo (manga intended for females) that make a manga seem like it could be either genre, there are differences that are meant to distinguish between their respective audiences. As a more specific example, the shared themes

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    Anime, is a term that is used to represent Japanese animation (Lamarre 1). It is a combination of both form of content and form of expression. However, there seems to be more emphasis on form of content rather than expression when discussing anime. Form of content includes the genre, story and narrative while form of expression includes the animation and the style. Form of content can be described as what the audience is being shown and the message that is conveyed. On the other hand, form of expression

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