Junya Watanabe

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  • Des Garcons : Innovations Towards A Different Types Of Fashion?

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    Comme des Garcons: Innovations Towards a “Different” Type of Fashion? Many years in the making fashion has made a very impactful effect on the culture of a nation or region allowing an on looker of the culture to understand many different things about the culture due to their fashion styles. Men and women, throughout the years, have been able to keep a clear distinction between the two genders making clothing for both genders look as if they were for either one of the genders. In any culture there

  • 16 Candles Comparison

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    The film “16 Candles” has very little teacher presence. However, even the lack of teacher presence presents ideas about teachers and their roles in the schools. The film “16 Candles” opts to focus on the lives of students outside of a traditional classroom setting. The main focus on the students also contains several tropes about American high school life, including gender and race. The representation of these suburban parents, teachers, and students in “16 Candles” is comparable to the suburban

  • Laxus The Dragon

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    Laxus had heard about the only other known second generation dragon slayer. Before Nirvana happened, he had heard rumours about the dark guild Oracion Seis, and it's six members and their incredible power, and twisted minds. At that time, however, the fact that one of them possessed a dragon slayer lacrima was not common knowledge, so he'd heard about the apparent snake charmer, or whatever the people believed, and shrugged it off. However, when Natsu and his team returned after taking down one

  • Essay about Shinichirō Watanabe: 'Genre Mixing' at Its Best

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    director; Shinichirō Watanabe. Truth is, this is not Watanabe’s only spectacle. Although it first aired in 2004 (about five years after Cowboy Bebop last aired), Samurai Champloo can also be recognized as another one of Watanabe’s “masterpieces”. Even though he uses the same style as a basis to craft both Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, each show brings a completely different experience. What makes them unique from other anime is an element that can be known as “genre mixing”. How Watanabe mixes genres

  • How Did 1571 Influence Elizabethan Fashion

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    However, the Elizabethan Era has had more of an obvious impact especially in the works of couture designers such as Alexander McQueen, Junya Watanabe and Valentino (Renaissance, Tudor and Elizabethan, FASHION DESIGN AND CULTURE SUBJECT - FDCUL101A, 2017). All of whom have reimagined apparel and have drawn on the deliberate distortion of the silhouette. In contrast, the impacts of WWI fashion

  • The Elizabethan Era And The Great War

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    The Elizabethan era and the Great War era were both times of profound change and struggle and this is reflection through the fashion of both eras. The Elizabethan Era began in 1558 when Elizabeth I ascended to the throne, switching England from Catholicism under Queen Mary to Protestant. The era ended in 1603 with the death of Elizabeth. A little over 3 centuries later, the Great War broke out after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. After four years of fighting, the Great War ended with

  • Example Of Cultural Appropriation

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    problem only recently come about? Pop culture has had a huge impact regarding this problem, whether it be in the music industry or fashion industry. Many ‘fashion’ designers find it okay to take designs from indigenous culture. Examples, are Junya Watanabe, a Japanese, designer created a collection that included African prints, hair styles, and Maasai beadwork (Gant). Maasai beadwork signifies different meanings to the African culture, having it displayed in a fashion show degrades the symbolic

  • Cultural Appropriation In Pop Culture

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    “You see, the discussion surrounding appropriation takes on so many more layers than most think-piece authors care to engage with-layers that desperately need to be brought to the discussion”(Jaikaran, Elizabeth). “Movements that advocate the equality between races, religions, and cultures are extremely prominent in our modern-day society”(Cohen, Amanda). Cultural appropriation in pop culture allows for cultures to be spread and ultimately accepted by a wide variety of people.  Once an audience sees