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  • Jurisdiction

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    Jurisdiction, who gets what? Gabraille Driscol American InterContinental University CRJ215-1204D Dr. Gwenda Hawk Abstract Who gets what when it comes to jurisdiction, how do you tell if it’s a state matter or a federal matter? Whether state or federal there are strict jurisdictions that both state and federal has to follow. From subject and personal jurisdiction, to the three types of personal jurisdiction. Each court has set boundaries that govern their rights. Without these rights there

  • Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction

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    the past. The Federal Government began intrude onto Indian Land. In 1817 the U.S passed the General Crimes Act1, whcih gave the Federal Government jurisdiction in Indian Country when a crime was commited if either the victim or derfendent was a non-Native. Then, in 1885, the U.S passed the Major Crimes Act2 which gave the Federal Government jurisdiction in Indian Country over major crimes, such as murder, when the defendent was a Native. The Major Crimes

  • Federal Jurisdiction Essay

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    Federal Jurisdiction Abstract In this paper I will discuss a case involving Henry, a resident of Nevada, who sued Adam, a resident of Utah in the Federal Court in California. Henry sought $60,000 damages for personal injuries arising from an automobile accident that occurred in Los Angeles, California. I will answer the following questions about this case. Does the Federal Court have jurisdiction? What rules of procedure will

  • Personal Jurisdiction Case Study

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    Learner's Dictionary defines jurisdiction as the power, right, or authority to interpret, apply, and declare the law (as by rendering a decision) (Merriam-Webster, 2015a). In order for a court to make a decision in any case, the court must have several types of jurisdiction. The appropriate court for this lawsuit depends upon several factors. Personal Jurisdiction Personal jurisdiction “refers to whether a court has power over the person being sued.” (“Personal jurisdiction: How to determine where

  • Cpc Inherent Jurisdiction

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    II “Civil Court has Inherent Jurisdiction to take cognizance of all dispute of Civil Nature except when barred.” -Siddhesh S Pradhan -241 -Division C -BBA LLB Year 4 INTRODUCTION Jurisdiction means the power or authority of a Court of law to hear and determine a cause or matter.[1] It is the power to entertain, deal with and decide a suit, an action, petition or other proceeding.[2] In Smt Ujjambai v. State of UP[3] it was stated that exclusion of jurisdiction means prevention or prohibition

  • Pros And Cons Of Personal Jurisdiction

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    Personal Jurisdiction “also known as “jurisdiction in personam” is the power of a court to require that a party or a witness come before the court; extends to the states boarders in the state court system and across the courts geographic district in the federal system”(pg. 42). In this case, there are three states involved; first is a Internet Company called Funny Face which is based in California, second state involved is Novelty Now Inc. in Florida who manufactures and distributes the product,

  • Essay Immunity from Sate Jurisdiction

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    Immunity from Sate Jurisdiction International law specifies that 'the jurisdiction of a state within its territory is complete and absolute'[1]. However, it is identified that certain categories of persons and bodies acting in the public interest are entitled to immunities and privileges from the exercise of the State jurisdiction. In April 1984 WPC Fletcher, a British policewoman was killed, as a result of shots being fired from the Libyan Bureau. The incident

  • The Constitutional Basis Of Personal Jurisdiction

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    Jurisdiction Personal jurisdiction refers to the ability of a court to exercise its power over a particular defendant or item of property. Personal jurisdiction may be categorized as in personam, in rem, or quasi in rem. The primary restraints on a court’s power to exercise personal jurisdiction are found in the United States Constitution, state statutes, and case law. The Constitutional basis for personal jurisdiction comes from the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. The statutory basis

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Exclusive Jurisdiction

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    Statutory exclusive jurisdiction is a form of the international jurisdiction, which is always regulated by the mandatory norms of the law and which may not be overridden by an agreement on jurisdiction by the defendant’s voluntary submission to the different forum. It has imperative character and stands on the fact that the matters involved in the exclusive jurisdiction rules are closely linked to the state sovereignty or the territory of the state and in these situations, the state interest prevails

  • Personal Jurisdiction Of The State Of Florida

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    The appropriate court for this lawsuit depends upon several factors. Three important considerations are personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, and minimum contracts. Personal jurisdiction pertains to the laws and facts involved in the lawsuit. Donald Margolin is suing a corporation, Novelty Now. “Corporations are subject to in personam jurisdiction in three locations: the state of their incorporation, the location of their main offices, and the geographic areas in which they conduct