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  • Juror 4

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    Juror 4 is an educated and logical man because all of his arguments are based on the facts and evidence. He also notices some details that other jurors ignored at the beginning. He illustrates that the murder weapon, which is an unusual carved handle and blade knife is a strong evidence that proves the boy is the suspect because

  • Juror 8 Essay

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    minds of some jurors are to send a boy to his death without a second thought, but one other juror may change that. Inside of the play Twelve Angry Men written by Reginald Rose, Juror 8 has the persuasive evidence to change the minds of his fellow Jurors and save a boy from his execution. The other Juror’s seem like they won’t budge with their mind set on the decision of guilty, but after Juror 8 proves his thoughts on the decision of innocent, he may just be able to save a young life. Juror 8 had many

  • Fallacious Argument About Juror 12

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    fallacious argument. In this movie there are many situations where people have used fallacious argument, which is listed below. #Juror 8.He is nineteen years old. Initially EIGHT argue that kid is only 19 years old, how could he kill his father. But this age is enough for thinking what to do or not. We have not any reasonable logic behind that kid can't murder. #Juror 8.There were eleven votes for guilty. If most of the people are supporting one thing then oppose them and telling that since

  • Juror Ten's Twelve Angry Man

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    to find anything out. The conversation between Juror Four and Juror Ten show that they assume the kid was a negative personality and give “guilty” as the result for the boy. Juror Four points out that “Children from slum backgrounds are potential menaces to society” (Rose 48), Juror Ten strongly agrees with Juror Four’s idea he supports that “The kids who crawl outa those places are real trash”(48). From my personal opinion, both Juror Four and Juror Ten jumping to conclusion, because of the boy was

  • Juror No. 8 In Twelve Angry Men

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    In the story Twelve Angry Men, there is a group of jurors that try to solve a case about an African American teen who murdered his dad with a knife. There are twelve jurors in this story, but this essay will only be about two of them, No. 8 and No. 10. Juror No. 8 is a highly skilled man who looks only at the facts. Where as Juror No.10 is a man that doesn’t look at the facts, but also bases his opinions off of past events. The first Juror, No. 8 is one of the most significant characters that throughout

  • 12 Angry Men- Jurors 4 and 8 Essay

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    Reginald Rose’s ’12 Angry Men’ brings 12 jurors together in a room to decide whether a young foreign boy is guilty of killing his father. The play is interwoven with dynamic characterisation, striking symbolism and intense moments of drama. Although Rose positions Juror 8 as the hero, the strongest character is in fact Juror 4, who is an independent thinker, rational and calm even as tension begins to build. Although Juror 4 initially votes guilty, he is able to admit his fault and change his vote

  • Essay about Twelve Angry Men Juror 3

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    12 Angry Men Essay Juror#3 In a crowded jury room in downtown New York, opinions collide as discussion about the innocence of a young boy is decided. The dark and foreboding storm clouds that hang over the heads of the jurors are beginning to lift as time progresses and new facts are presented. One juror is not happy about this stay of execution and is holding fast his opinion of guilty. Juror three, the president of his business, refuses to alter his vote or opinion in any way. Still haunted

  • Twelve Angry Men Juror 8 Analysis

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    Freedom In the drama Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, juror 8 does a good job in persuading the other jurors to listen and reconsider the evidence. He uses his rhetorical appeals to captivate the other jurors attention. He gains an authority towards the other jurors which makes them trust him more. Juror 8 deconstructs the testimony and evidence with his rhetorical appeal to make the other jurors consider the innocence of the defendant. First, Juror 8 establishes his credibility to support his arguments

  • Juror Eight In Twelve Angry Men By Reginald Rose

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    table, there are twelve men: jurors debating the murder of a man living near the el tracks. The man’s son is his alleged killer, but one juror is not convinced. This image is from Twelve Angry Men, a play written by Reginald Rose. The Eighth Juror is being fair to the child, explaining how there are many “what-if's” in the situation. Juror Eight brings up many different pieces of evidence and logic to try to understand both sides of the case. He also wants the other jurors to see each side because he

  • Human Justice In 12 Angry Men

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    12 Angry Men is is about 12 selected people who have to run a juror sentence for a man who has been convicted about killing his father. It starts off in the courtroom where the 12 members hear the mans statement. After this is done, they all make their way into the room where they discuss. What makes this story so interesting, is the fact that all 12 people are complete opposites off each other. This also ties in the conflict of the story, is that no one can all agree on the same claim. Fights break