Justice League Unlimited

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  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It was early in the morning as Will Mead, CEO of the Mead Corporation woke up. Although he weighed a lot, most of it was pure muscle. His small eyes always appeared to be glaring at anyone who dared to look. His appearance was rough may be rough, but his personality was the opposite. He was sweet and caring but vicious to anyone who hurt him or his family. Will was wondering why his alarm didn’t wake him up until it dawned on him. He was on winter break! “Finally, the month off I’ve been waiting

  • Claude, Lunabelle's Explosion: A Narrative Fiction

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    “Claude, Lunabelle, Alis!” Orion shouted as he and Lydia ran into the alley. “Orion!” Lunabelle cried. Claude managed to look up from his shocked state and point to Alis. Orion’s face twisted into an enraged expression. He drew his sword and stabbed the troll in the leg, which caused it to swing a fist at him. He evaded then climbed onto its back. Lydia shouted at the twins and forced them to run away before grabbing Alis and carrying her on her back. “Bastard! Bastard! BASTARD!” Orion shouted as

  • Short Story : The Story Of The Night '

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    turned to see the ascension key deactivated. “No,” he murmured to himself in disbelief. “This is unacceptable.”Things had gone wrong, Legion realized. His plans had come to nothing, thwarted by Gabriel, and so he decided to unleash the full fury of the League. His fury came marching through the woods with an uncanny savagery, their footsteps causing a quack from their numbers. “Annihilate them all,” Legion said, so cold, so casually, that it took Shanice a second for her process the danger. Dark energy

  • My Favorite Superheros

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    Ever since I was a little girl I have looked up to and loved superheroes. Most of the superheroes are from Detective Comics or DC Comics for short (yes, that is Detective Comics Comics.) Nightwing has been my favorite superhero for as long as I can remember. Obviously, Wonder Woman as well, she is a big reason why I am a feminist. The Flash has been one of my favorite superheroes since I was super young. However, I do not care so much for the second Flash, Barry Allen or even the original Flash,

  • Differences Of Superheroes : The Flash And The Green Arrow

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    There are a few differences between the two, as found with any two superheroes. The Green Arrow killed people before realizing from a colleague that there was another way to find justice with criminals. The Flash, on the other hand, has never killed anyone. He does not believe that killing is the way to create justice. When The Green Arrow began his crusade, he was alone. He had no help from anyone. This changed gradually when, slowly, one by one, more people joined the team. The Flash was in a

  • This was a question someone asked Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. It came up because The Dark

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    war on crime though. He's here to solve a mystery. Who killed his dear friend? Back in Metropolis, the city is flourishing like it never has before. Crime is virtually non-existent thanks to Superman, and possibly the involvement of his Justice League. Lex Luthor is in prison. All of Superman's foes thus far have been killed or banished. His Clark Kent persona is married to the love of his life, Lois Lane. It's clear that both are yearning for the adventure and danger of yesteryear, but

  • Fictional Superhero Origin Story : Oliver Queen

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    Fictional Superhero Origin Story Superhero Origin Story Oliver Queen is the son of Lance Queen and Moira Queen. Oliver’s sister is named Thea and she is eleven years old. Oliver is seventeen. The Queens live in Starling City and own a family company known as Queens Consolidated. The organization manufactures electronic devices. Lance Queen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Queens Consolidated. Malcoln Merlyn is a general manager at Queens Consolidated. Malcoln is married to Rebecca and they

  • Compare And Contrast Superman Vs Batman

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    still a human susceptible to injury and illness. It is also very likely that Batman suffers from PTSD after witnessing the murder of his parents, leaving him vulnerable to psychological attacks (Williams 252). In his contingency plans for the Justice League he includes a plan that could be used to defeat him, which involves distracting him with thoughts of his parents or taking hostages. Batman, like Superman, has a self-imposed aversion to killing, however, he is not forced to show the same level

  • What Is Artemis Good

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    joined a bad league after their mother had passed away. Both her sister and father persuaded Artemis to join their league, but Artemis never insisted to join the team because she thought that she was too weak to fight. Artemis was never like her father and sister after that. Artemis had a goal about her father and sister. Her goal was to be strong and to be able to defeat both of them and change their minds about being in the bad side. One day, Artemis got an invitation to join the good league. She went

  • The Marvel And Dc Worlds

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    showing how to overcome any problem thrown at their imaginary characters. These characters are better known, in general, as superheros and villians. The main difference between these named superpowered heroes are which group they belong to, The Justice League that was created by DC, Detective Comics, or the Avengers which was created by Marvel. Marvel has many different people that contribute to the making of their characters but the main person who gets most of the credit is former chairman of Marvel