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  • `` Stained Glass Elegies `` By Shusaku Endo

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    Shusaku Endo, born in Tokyo in 1923 and raised in Manchuria until the age of 11, was a prolific Japanese novelist who wrote from the perspective of a Japanese Roman Catholic. Before his death due to the complications of hepatitis at the Keio University Hospital in Tokyo at the age of 73, Endo had written numerous prominent novels which includes The Sea and the Poison in 1957, Life of Jesus in 1973, and Scandal in 1986. During his lifetime, he had also received 4 awards, which includes the 2 most

  • Dialogue Essay: Kaidan And His Eyes Find Shepard

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    Kaidan is mesmerized - as soon as his eyes find Shepard through the heavy crowd, he can not look away. Not that she is a particularly good dancer, in fact, it is the polar opposite - every move she makes is completely out of the rhythm and she seems to ignore the beat of the song and instinctively, Kaidan know that she is not doing in on purpose. Her moves are awkward and clumsy, sometimes even disgracious. However, he still can not take his eyes off her. Shepard seems carefree - she ignores

  • The Ikaria Experiment

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    it wasn’t widespread. The group of scientists who made the breakthrough decided not to share it with the general public in fear of being oppressed by other scientists. Since it was an experiment, they needed test subjects. That’s where my brother Kaidan and I come in to this crazy equation. The typical orphans, never knew our parents, the same sob story. As you can see, I’m

  • The Irredeemable Novel

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    destroying cities and changed from the greatest superhero to the bloodiest murderer. The novel also talks about a group of the Plutonian’s teammates and other superheroes called the Paradigm (Bette Noir, Qubit, Charybdis, Scylla, Metalman, Hornet, and Kaidan) who are determined to stop the massive killings of the Plutonian. The Paradigm applies several methods such as teleportation technology and giving the Plutonian a chance to change to bring down the Plutonian but to no avail.

  • Over Your Dead Body

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    title which does not work, is about life imitating art to an extreme degree. Miyuki Goto (Ko Shibasaki) is an actress in a troubled relationship with her fellow co-star Kosuke Hasegawa (Ebizo Ichikawa). The play they are both starring in is Yotsuya Kaidan (written in 1825), which is

  • Petro And Luba's Short Story: The Great War

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    remembers the delight he felt running with the balloon in his hand, followed by almost immediate disappointment when that most beautiful present burst into pieces. Later, Petro and Luba applied and received the new birth certificate for Victor; and Chaim Kaidan officially started his new life as Victor

  • Essay About Ugetsu

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    Japanese horror movies have a long history. Stories that inspired the movies are even older. In Edo and Meiji period, horror and ghost stories going around Japanese society were known as Kaidan. These folktales then being show on stage as Kabuki and Noh play before the transition to screen. Ugetsu (1953) is considered the first Japanese horror film. The film is directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, based on the book with the same name by Ueda Akinari. The story is about two greedy men named Tobei

  • The Drama And The Performance Background Of Japanese Theatre

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    In the following essay I will illustrate the story of Kabuki by discussing, the drama and the performance background of Japanese theatre. At first, Kabuki was the theatrical art that developed during the Tokugawa period between 1600 and 1868. However, Kabuki is one of the four great art forms of Japanese theatre and is more accurately considered as the ' 'Traditional stage art of Japan ' ', (Inoura and Kawatake 2006, p. 133). In the early 17th century, the origins of Kabuki were in the songs and