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  • Ecological Niche Of The Kakapo

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    Habitat: The kakapos are quite solitary. They normally live alone and have large ranges, travelling several kilometres in one night. The males range from 15-30 hectares, females 35-50 hectares (to find food for young). Because they are solitary birds by nature, when ranges overlap they make a noise called 'skraarking ' to keep a distance from each other. Kakapo used to be found through most of New Zealand, from lowland forests to mountain grasslands. They are now extinct on the mainland, the last

  • Forbidden Love : A Short Story : The Story Of Forbidden Love

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    There was a tribe that once walked the earth just like any other, but now they fly. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Larry and Marge were madly in love only Marge's father forbid to love because Larry and Marge were born in the same track. March is Father Morty was the leader of their Tribe Called Apotee and the Apotee dislike the Kaketee. Morty believe that having Forbidden Love was like not here to the heart and Larry's father believe that betray was a way of son would show disrespect to his mother

  • Benefits Of Single Species Recovery Programmes

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    ) and various reserved land and is run by the Department of Conservation. Single species recovery programmes have been successful with the use of eradication of offshore islands pests to for reintroduction of threatened onshore species such as the Kakapo on Cod fish island. However, this is in marked contrast to biodiversity decline with up to 50% of native birds threatened due to introduced pests such as mustelids and possums. With legislation (Conservation Act 1987), public opinion and changes in