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  • Native Americans In Oregon Essay

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    Northwest to settle. Some of the first to the Oregon area were the Kalapuya Indians who inhabited Oregon more than 8,000 years ago and although many different tribes called our state home the Kalapuya is just one example of people native to Oregon. The Kalapuya tribe settled in many places but mainly in Eugene, Oregon where they lived for several centuries and had tribes that ranged from Southern Washington to Southern Oregon. The Kalapuya language is considered to be part of the Penutian family related

  • The American Looking Jasmine And Aladdin

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    1. While the film Aladdin is set in a country of Arabic origin, many stereotypes and racial views are still present. For example, as pointed out by Addison in “Saving Other Women” all the other men except for Aladdin have facial hair and darker skin. This facial hair represents power and sexuality. Aladdin, who represents the lower social class, is lighter-skinned and clean shaven. Aladdin and Jasmine both have American accents as well. While many women have veiled faces, their bodies are nowhere