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    Lamar Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs current owner Clark Hunt's dad, was elected to become the president of the AFL on the 26th of January 1960. Before the chiefs moved to Kansas City they played in Dallas as the Texans for three seasons that included 1 AFL Championship, but even though they had a great team, the Dallas market could not support two teams. So the Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Kansas City Chiefs in 1962! The Kansas City Chiefs and the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970. Overall

  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City chiefs are a football team in the nfl. My favorite football team.some people think they suck but that's there opinion. like just yesterday hunter said the Chiefs suck so I say the Seahawks suck and then he gets mad and says there better than the Chiefs. And I say there record definitely doesn't say that there better and then he just walkes away. But anyway the Chiefs play in the AFC west with there rivals the Broncos and two other team the Chargers and raiders. The Chiefs started

  • Nfl Safety : Kansas City Chiefs

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    Eric Berry NFL Safety Kansas City Chiefs James Eric Berry, nicknamed "The Fifth Dimension," is an American football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Chiefs fifth overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. Berry was born in Fairburn, Georgia, He attended Creekside High School in Fairburn, and was a standout athlete for the Creekside Seminoles track and football

  • The NFL Coaching Career of Marty Schottenheimer

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    The Career of Marty Schottenheimer Marty Schottenheimer was one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time,because he turned hopeless teams into playoff contenders. Throughout his career Schottenheimer coached the:Cleveland Brown,Kansas City Chiefs,Washington Redskins,and the San Diego Chargers. Schottenheimer brought a whole new play style to the nfl.. This new play style changed the game of football. This play style became known as “Marty Ball.” To briefly explain Marty Ball,is was playing tough

  • Zachary Miller Case Study

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    an effort to try out and be noticed by someone on the Bears coaching staff. With the bears wanting to add strength to the position, giving Moeaki the last spot on the 90 man roster appeared to be a wise decision. After being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 3rd round of the 2010 draft, Chicago will be the 5th team that Moeaki has been a part of. His most productive season to this point in his career has been his rookie season when he accumulated 556 yards on 47 receptions. He also was able

  • Houston Case Study

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    After a shaky start on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, the Houston Texans were able to dominate the Chicago Bears throughout the second half and come away with a 23-14 week one win. On the game’s opening drive, Texans quarterback, Brock osweiler, looked like he was going to drive the team down the field, and then threw an interception to defensive back Tracy Porter. Chicago’s offense was able to put seven points on the board off of the turnover. Texans running back Lamar Miller

  • My Greatest Experience

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    which were tickets to go see the Redskins play the Chiefs in Kansas City on October 2nd. First off, the excitement I felt rush throughout my body was nothing i’ve ever felt in the time that i've spent on this Earth. It was hard to believe that I was actually going to see the team I watched growing up. One of the best parts about it was going to the loudest stadium in the United States. I knew going into the game that the Kansas City Chiefs were no joke, because they were undefeated on the season

  • An Analysis Of The Denver Broncos '

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    Below is a ranking of the top 5 teams that look poised to make a run to Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. 5. Denver Broncos Starting our countdown, we have the Denver Broncos. After a narrow 24-21 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1, the Broncos welcomed the Dallas Cowboys to Mile High in Week 2 and shocked the football world with a 42-17 thrashing of the NFC East favorites. After one of last weekend’s most anticipated games, Denver has suddenly reemerged as a true Super Bowl contender

  • Gatorade Research Paper

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    In the 2012 NFL season, NFL teams drank 1,800,144 bottles of Thirst Quencher. Gatorade had been in football since the athletes were doing strenuous exercises, they “continually battled dehydration in the Florida heat” (Wickford). Our bodies sweat system relies on “salts to pump water onto our skin to evaporate and cool us off” (Wilcox). But is Gatorade as healthy as they make it out to be? Gatorade says that their drink was “born in a Lab” (Jim F). In early summer of 1965, a University of Florida

  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

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    In America, college athletes should be paid because the NCAA is making money off them from the sports that they are playing. They don 't have time to look for jobs or work for one because all of there time is going into sports. If you pay them, they will stop taking money for autographs and all the other illegal ways that they can get money. College athletes spend at least forty hours a week in each sport that they play which makes them basically employees. Some players have even reported that there