Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball

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  • Jay Hawk Quote

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    world’s greatest player no matter what. Tyrel Reed is the main character and is 6’3 and 193 lbs. on the roster and was a point guard for the University of Kansas Jay hawks during their National Championship in 2008 all the way through 2011.

  • Basketball Games Should Be Taught At The University Of Kansas

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    These crowds are celebrating and cheering for their college men 's basketball teams. For the University of Kansas, this arena is the historic Allen Fieldhouse. It is consistently ranked the most difficult venue to play basketball in the Big 12 Conference, and holds the second-largest crowd of the ten university teams in the Big 12 with the capacity for 16,300 fans (Medcalf para. 21). The students attending the University of Kansas have 4,000 seats designated for them to watch their beloved players

  • Basketball Game In Basketball

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    April 7th, 2008 an instant classic of a basketball game was played between Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks and John Calipari’s Memphis Tigers. It was the national Championship between two power-house number one seeded teams. The Tigers seemed to have the game locked up, with just over two minutes left they had a 9-point lead over the Jayhawks. Out of nowhere Kansas caught fire to produce an epic comeback. With 2 seconds left Mario Chalmers, the dead-eye Jayhawk point guard, hit a quick catch and shoot

  • Football Is A Sport For The University Of Kansas And Develop A Greater Understanding Of Rugby

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    interest for this topic came to me during my first semester at the University of Kansas, when I realized a club team on the rise. A few of my pledge bothers recently got involved in the rugby club and have started appreciating the sport. Rugby is a sport that consists of a team with a mission to score more points than the other, with a similar football feel. My process is to analyze the game of rugby at the University of Kansas and develop a greater understanding of rugby, how it’s organized, and how it’s

  • How Basketball Is The Respected Sport It Is Today

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    through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court. Also referring to the inflated ball used in the game of basketball (dict 1). Basketball is one of the world’s most widely played sports and has been in played for over a hundred years. This sport is played through organizations by schools, and credited clubs, as well as voluntarily in “pick-up games”. A “pick-up” game is a basketball game played outside at a local court or in a gym by the average person looking to exercise in an enjoyable and

  • The Value Of College Athletics

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    The Value of College Athletics Athletic programs in college have grown tremendously since they first began years ago, and now some believe that collegiate athletics have no place in higher education. Contrary to this, if one takes a closer look they see that college athletics do play a valuable role in higher education and should continue to play a part in the college experience. Students who participate in college athletics help carry out their school’s traditions, and by competing at such a high