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  • Analysis Of The Pillowman

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    personal responses to McDonagh’s work, including: The Pillowman and Hangmen. The Pillowman was written to shock, and shock it did. Initially, I was very shocked at Ariel and Tupolski’s initial treatment of Katurian when he first enters the interrogation room, leading to feelings of sympathy for Katurian. Tupolski and Ariel were especially harsh when Ariel says: “We can’t even

  • The Interrogation In The Strange Case Of Katurian

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    they find that it doesn't work, they introduce another interrogation technique. They decide to “question” his brother. At first, Katurian is worried that his brother is going to get beat up which signifies that it is working but the detective eludes Katurian’s demands. The detective later distracts him by saying that he’s not an animal then goes back into questioning Katurian. He's asked him about his stories and if they had themes to them in an attempt to trap him into admitting that he provoked the

  • Storytelling As A Form Of Storytelling

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    as torture when the Tupolski and Ariel interrogate Katurian to expose his identity through his stories. The push of storytelling as torture becomes a central focus when the use of language and words direct a physical and psychological control against the characters. Therefore, storytelling illustrates a form of brainwashing. In addition, Katurian uses storytelling to comfort for his brother Michal, but the stories are used against him when

  • Pillowman Analysis

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    did not know that could work out, because of how the playwright specifically mentioned two brothers. As I read through the script, I would wondered how challenging it was going to be for Katurian one of the leads to take the brutal beatings. These are such brutal beatings that the detectives would be giving Katurian; everything from kicking to choking. When we received the scripts, and had our read through. I noticed that all the directions were crossed out. So we blocked the entire show by the words

  • Compare And Contrast The Pillowman And 1900

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    is full of difficulties, people try to get spiritual solace and relaxation by exposure to art. Thus, plenty of scripts were formed to discuss how people look upon the nature of art. In The Pillowman written by Martin McDonagh, the main character, Katurian creates lots of impressive stories as the only treasure he left after he died. In the movie The Legend of 1900 directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, the leading character “1900” dedicates all his talent and passion to music art within his short life. In

  • Ariel And Tupolski's Play

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    What’s more, it is not only Katurian and his brother that are subjected to acts of physical violence but also the police officers Ariel and Tupolski. When this is revealed, Ariel and Tupolski become both the executors of subjective and systemic violence but also the victims that act out their own traumatic experiences. So, by this dialogue very soon it is clear that Ariel as one of the detectives was physically and sexually abused as a child and is also represented by Katurian when asks him: “And who

  • The Relations Between Art And Life Is Explored Throughout

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    The relations between art and life is explored throughout Martin McDonagh’s play, The Pillowman and Muriel Spark’s Loitering With Intent. They explore these relations through discussing the stylistic features of their characters and how these characters are perceived in real life. Both authors explore how the preconceived ideas of what a character should be is dismantled and the line which distinguishes between art and life is becoming less clear. Another way in which these authors explore the link

  • The Role Of Storytelling In The Pillowman And Antigone In New York

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    the actions and behaviour that the police officer’s observation affects the way the characters perceive themselves. Katurian in The Pillowman and the homeless, Anita, Sasha and Flea, in Antigone in New York represent the act of storytelling as a way to escape their realities. Storytelling examines the influence from the past to represent the problems of the present, in which Katurian tells stories as a form of confession while Sasha, Anita and Flea seek to resolve the disappearance o Paulie. As a

  • Linearity In Samuel Beckett's Endgame

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    forest. Any place names mentioned in the play are a mixture of Eastern European and references. (Pilný, 2006). As with Beckett’s work, the length of action in The Pillowman seems to be equal with the overall length of the play. The play begins with Katurian being interrogated on a Monday evening and ends with him being shot to death approximately two hours later. (McDonagh, 2003). The action of the main plot is enhanced by scenes of the past (in the form of Katurian’s stories) and also references to

  • The And With New Understandings From The Lake District And Lady Gregory 's Place

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    Journal 8: Edinborough/With New Understandings from the Lake District and Lady Gregory’s Place “It isn 't about being or not being dead, it 's about what you leave behind” Katurian, The Pillowman After saying these words, Katurian goes on to say if the police officers said they would burn two of the three things, his brother, himself or his writing, he would chose to have his brother burned first, and him charred second and “it would be the stories I would save.” His brother, Michael, does not understand