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  • Cultural Awareness of Kazakhstan and Its People

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    Sometimes close mindedness stops the average American to look at the diversity of our country, after all, it is a country of immigrants that for years has become more globalized than one might like or even accept. North America is not the only country that has adopted the culturist diversion. In this country analysis of culture gazes at a country still primitive in some areas, and is also considered a country of immigrants. Kazakhstan, since the end of time, has gained many diverse groups of people;

  • The First Path Of Formation Of The Kazakh Diaspora

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    reached the "traditional knowledge holders" - Kazakh shamans-"baksi", which J. Assmann calls special carriers of cultural memory [13]. During this period, the trend of migration had been strengthened, and about a million ethnic Kazakhs was forced to migrate from their historic homeland to neighboring countries. It was the first path of formation of the Kazakh Diaspora, but there was also a second way: "creation of state borders separated part of the kazakh people and made it difficult to communicate

  • Kazakhstan Is One Of The Largest States Economy And A Stable Political Situation

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    one of the largest states in Central Asia boasting with developed economy and a stable political situation. Twenty years of independence allowed Kazakhs to evaluate and perceive their own history and themselves in a different light. Abatement of the main signs of national identity - traditional mode of life resulted in deterioration of culture and language, which inflicted severe damages to cultural memory. The first a half of the XX century was marked for Kazakhstan by the difficult, erratic events

  • The Great Country of Kazakhstan Essay example

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    Russia, China, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan border Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan four times the size of Texas has all different nationalities living and working together. The main resource in Kazakhstan is their oil supply; the pipeline found in the Caspian Sea is possibly the largest one in 30 years. President Nazarbayev has been in office since 1989 when the Soviet Union controlled it. The President has plans to increase the strength of the economy to gain respect and power among the other countries

  • Essay about My Greatest Accomplishments

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    What's mine is yours. Having lived a year in a student hostel I understood this phrase was the best to describe my first year student life. We shared everything: all of bright spots, all of difficult moments, all of the books and all of the cakes. My roommates are my best friends now and I trust them as I would myself. I believe amazing adventures and close friendship are waiting for us too! Also I believe, my dear roommate, you’ll get at least one new hobby living with me. I promise I’ll share to

  • Grit By Angela Angele Duckworth Analysis

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    relationship between grit and achievement, and the importance of helping students develop grit. By reading the article “The Significance of Grit,” it was touched me deeply. For me, I am Chinese, but my family moved to Kazakhstan. For those unknown country, language, culture I was very baffled, but I overcome those difficulties; therefore being grit and having growth mindset lead me to success. In the article “The Significance of Grit” she states grit has two components; passion and perseverance. Passion means

  • The, Snow White Or Peter Pan

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    before bed, yet not typical kids’ stories such as Cinderella, Snow White or Peter Pan. But rather wisdom thoughts and stories of Aristotle, Plato, Omar Khayyam, Abay, more modern writers, Robin Sharma and Louise Hay. As a mother, she has a masters in Language and Philosophy. She is constantly reading whether it is an article on her phone, a daily newspaper or a book that she has bought yesterday. She would always sit on the brown leathered sofa and wear her golden framed glasses on and a very focused

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trilingual Attention Of Kazakhstan

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    system in our society. The necessity for the use of languages in Kazakhstan due to variety of factors. Kazakhstan has to be perceived around the world as the highly educated country which population uses three languages: the Kazakh language — state, Russian as language of international communication and English — language of successful integration into global economy traditions, the international experience and practice. The «Trinity of Languages» program has been approved by the Decree of the President

  • Personal Statement Of Purpose Of Biology And Science

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    There are a lot of connection between these two sciences. Knowing different languages and cultures allow doctors to travel around the world and discover another area of medicine. It will increase community service of a physician who want to help people from third world countries. Sociology contributes to improving interaction of doctors

  • Conclusions and Recommendations The main problem for Kazakhstan students is that they almost

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    that in Kazakhstan. Students who learn English attending courses and know grammar excellently find it difficult to apply it in practice and cannot even express their thoughts. The main language spoken in the classroom is not English, but Russian. In order to overcome these problems teachers of the English language in Kazakhstan need practical, effective and easy-to-implement methods to increase the use of the English in the classroom, to keep their students actively involved and to help students