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  • Anatomy of a Hipster Essay

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    Over time, social group labels tend to mutate from their original interpretation, due to societal evolution. The hipster is no exception, as it originally referred to 1940s Bebop Jazz enthusiasts. Hipsters has since become the term referencing pretentious rich kids, attempting to recreate a sense of underground-ness; whether it be music or style-related. However, hipsters of today differ from the former in the sense that their actions are fueled solely by effort, rather than sheer interest of being

  • When I Saw Me

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    images in my mind of Palestine as a paradise with endless rows of olive and fig trees. Before I left, he gifted me with a keffiyeh, a traditional Palestinian headscarf and symbol of Palestinian solidarity. The keffiyeh was made in a textile factory in Hebron, so it has a physical connection to the land. It also has sentimental value coming from my grandfather. To this day, the keffiyeh is one of the most treasured objects I

  • Global Chic : The Globalization Of Fashion

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    Ana Pascual-Leone Capstone Draft November 5, 2014 Global Chic: The Globalization of Fashion Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the effects of globalization, examined through the framework of hybridity/glocalization, on the fashion industry by examining the shift in the nature of ethnic, cultural and national references in high-end designer collections, and the growth of fast-fashion houses’ global success. High-end designers have been using cultural references as their inspiration for

  • Cultural Appropriation, By The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

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    Anyone who knows me, knows me knows that I love to watch reruns of “What not to wear” on TLC, As it teaches me something I clearly know nothing about, fashion. However anyone who is in my Spanish class known that I not only care about my culture but others as well. This school year has been interesting both fashion-wise and politically, from the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, to Donald Trump running for president. It has been such a weird school year however, that it has pointed out a sad fact about

  • Cultural Differences Of Muslim And Muslim Women

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    Firstly, the Jews and Muslims are divided by their different cultures. The three main cultural differences are their clothing, beliefs, and foods. Common clothing that Jewish men wear is the Kippah and Tallit. The Kippah is a skullcap, also referred as a yarmulke, which is worn during prayer or throughout the day, and can be worn under a street hat. The Tallit is a large rectangular fabric made of wool, cotton or synthetic. In each of the four corners are strings tied in a specific pattern called

  • The Kite Runner: Gender Inequality In Afghanistan

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    This film was powerful. Illustrating many aspects of gender inequality in Afghanistan, this film communicated to me just how oppressed women are in these middle eastern countries and how drastic of devices they have to resort to in order to live a life worth living. It was truly moving. This film certainly changed my perception of what it is like to live in Afghanistan as a women. This film changed this perception in two way. The first of which is that this film exposed me to the rigor at which oppression

  • John Kravitz Research Paper

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    Boom!☺(Onomatopoeia) A bomb goes off near Oliver Stone next to the White House. People are running for their lives as Oliver lays on the ground unconscious. The next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital next to FBI agents. Oliver is now on a journey to figure out who planted this bomb, and why they would do this so close to the president. British M1-6 agent Mary Chapman helps Stone try to solve this horrific crime. In this journal I will be questioning the race of the terrorist group,

  • Religious Beliefs And The Role Of Dress In The Religious Organization

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    Religious ideologies regarding dress are based on religious organizations individual dogmas, who believe that your outwardly appearance should reflect your inner beliefs. Similarly, adhering to a strict code of dress, that symbolizes its group’s traditions and customs, also helps in controlling the body’s sexuality. Hunt-Hurst and Miller-Spillman (2012) stated that being “well-dressed (modestly) is a religious duty and not a personal preference” (p. 266). Dress in a matter of speaking is an outwardly

  • Segregation In Chicago Research Paper

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    The People United Will Never be Defeated When driving through any state in America, it is hard not to notice the segregation that often establishes itself throughout the neighborhoods; there exists a clear distinction what streets are predominantly populated by White, Black, Hispanic, Arab, or other racial groups. According to recent analysis of the U.S. Census Data, “Chicago is the most diverse city, as well as the most segregated” ( This raises the question of whether or not

  • Religious Freedom In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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    and most of the other religious texts strictly forbids. In order for people to not to see each other’s face, Gilead makes their citizens, especially women, to wear extremely conservative clothes. Similarly, in Muslim-majority countries, men wear keffiyeh while women wear the traditional Islamic headscarf covering the head and hair, called hijab which is advised to be worn according to the Sharia Constitution. When such personal choices concerning appearances are being shown as enforcements in lifestyle