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  • Summary Of The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up By Marie Kendo

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    The popularity of Marie Kendo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, shows people how to live in a proper life. Here, the author gives a definition to proper life. That is, a proper life should spark joy. Well, I think there are tremendous ways to sparking joy. For instance, make more money; get a valuable present and so on. Most people will give the definition of proper life as getting more just like the examples I give above. In the book, the author gives an opposite opinion. She

  • Taji Quan Research Paper

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    There are various differences between taiji quan (tai chi chuan) and Japanese kendo. Taji quan is an internal system of martial arts. It was created Chang San Feng who was a “Daoist martial art expert and acupuncturist”(PowerPoint). Taji quan is a Chinese system and it’s for maintaining good health. Since, Zhang San Feng was an acupuncturist, he discovered if he would prick certain vital points in the body he could “cause death or worsen a disease”(PowerPoint). His purpose was to create a system

  • The Paradox of Sacrifice Essay

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    sword, practicing Kendo. Kendo is swordsmanship. Soon, I became tired and was drenched in sweat. I decided to head inside my house, it was covered with the orange sunset light. As I entered, I took off my dusty equipment, and I saw I had a message. I picked up the phone and read it. The message said, “Your appointment to see your friend at the hospital is at 7:30 PM.” I took a peek at my watch, it was 7:15 PM. I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I quickly ran back to my Kendo equipment, and placed

  • Summary Of Snow Falling On Cedars By Horace Whaley

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    an evidence that intentionally points to the Japanese-American Miyamoto. Whaley told the sheriff Art Moran that Carl’s head wound resembled wounds he had seen inflicted by Japanese soldiers skilled in the martial art of kendo (Guterson 58). However, in Japanese culture, the Kendo is a Japanese martial art. The ancient stick fighting heritage and being top in his class makes him look like a murderer. The reason for this weaponry is because of the need of self-defense and uses it for protection. Because

  • Snow Falling on Cedars

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    Men with authority in Snow Falling on Cedars possess great power and can manipulate an outcome based on their own personal bias. Horace Whaley’s racist qualities emerge from their patriotism and experiences in war. Horace Whaley, a coroner, is a Caucasian American who served his country in war. His patriotism and experience in war allows him to become a close-minded and racist individual, “Horace had served as a medical officer for twenty months in the Pacific theater and had suffered in that period

  • Essay On Snow Falling On Cedars

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    In the novel, Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson, Kabuo Miyamoto a Japanese fisherman and WWII veteran is accused of murdering Carl Heine Jr. A crime he is falsely charged with and is accused based strictly on his race. The trial was one-sided as a result of WWII and tension between the Japanese and The American white citizens. The Novel takes place during 1940 to 1955. In the town of Amity Harbor, on San Piedro island in Washington State, where Pearl Harbor and WWII is still fresh in everybody’s

  • Captain Hajime Dialectical Journal

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    He did know the previous year captains and he vaguely recalls a rumor about the Kendo Club team captain. From the text messages he gotten from an underclassman, the new captain caused a big stir in their club. They were only a first year and a girl at that not that Hajime cares whether or not a girl was captain. Hajime was more confused

  • Juquatsu

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    It was at this school that he began his formal training in the Shindo Yoshin Ryu school of Koryu Jujutsu under the guidance of Tatsusaburo Nakayama Sensei (1870 - 1933), who was a Kendo Instructor at the school for twenty years, as well as an Instructor of Jujitsu. At that time it was not unusual for a Kendo Instructor to train in Jujitsu in order to obtain a bone-setters licence. Tatsusaburo Nakayama obtained his licence after training in Shindo Yoshin Ryu, but he was originally a student of

  • BUDO Culture

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    reason why confusions occurred in KARATE world afterward. Since then, KARATE had got popular among mainly college students, and despite lack of technical understanding, and rushed to set rules for its competition. The rules were set in imitation of KENDO, Japanese fencing. That was the birth of, what is called, SUN-DOME rule which prohibits excessive direct contacting attacks by fists and legs. However, KYOKUSHIN KARATE, one of a large number of KARATE organizations, created the full-contact style

  • Compare And Contrast Essay About Japan

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    Introduction   The country that i have choose is Japan., the reason why i choose Japan is because of my work. My job in the hotel industry have given me an opportunity of transferring me to another hotel at another part of the world. However, there might be many differences between the culture of the two countries.    Culture   Japan is known as a cultural country with many different type of unique culture that have attracted many tourists from different part of the world. Some of which are affected