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  • Footloose Movie Analysis

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    Footloose     “Tonight I gotta cut loose, footloose, kick off my sunday shoes. Jack, get back, come on before we crack.” (Footloose, Kenny Loggins) For this essay, I chose to watch Footloose made in 1984 and directed by Herbert Ross and Footloose made in 2011 directed by Craig Brewer. Both movies centered around the town of Bomont, a secluded town with out of the ordinary beliefs. In this town, dancing and partying of any sort was strictly against the law and teenagers were seemingly miserable. There

  • The Characteristics Of A Hero In Toy Story

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    What are the characteristic that you think that define someone ?As we look into cartoons, movie series, fictional characters we may notice that many of them have similar traits as we do. In some we feel a total connection as we can feel what they are going through. As the middle child in my family with two brothers and one little sister I have a ton going on. Growing up there was an infinite of shows to watch and spare time that is unimaginable so as i grow older i only watched those that i felt

  • Exposing Our Children to Subliminal Messages

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    President Herbert Hoover once said that, "Children are our most valuable resource." Everybody knows the saying “The children are our future.” If everyone knows this saying than why are parents exposing our future to inappropriate and explicit content. This is because most people do not realize the explicit content their children are being exposed to. The shows, movies, and even commercials children are watching effect not only their actions and thought process but can also effect the future decisions

  • Rick And Murty Moral Analysis

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    Rick and Morty: Adventures Through Space and Morality Through the invention of the television, the art of animation was able to transition from the big screen to the small screen. Serialized animated adventures boomed in the 80’s and 90’s as a market to pander for children, with dry, easy to follow storylines and bright flashing colors – no room for adult humor or ideas. However, just as the medium changed from film to television, the medium of cartoons has changed as well, opening up for innovative

  • Creative Writing: Tom's Cabin

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    muscle clinging to the bone, blood gushing with every beat of his heart. The pain was so agonizing Tom wish to just end his life there to stop the suffering. Kenny puked when he noticed the blood and bone protruding from it. “I can't walk to the house kenny.” Said Tom.’’Don't worry tom i'll find something to help you get to the house.” Kenny hands tom the 30/30 he used and left to go find something to help tom. Tom laid there wondering if his family was ok if they were even still alive Tom could not

  • Stereotypes In Animation

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    A valid complaint about animation that is rarely addressed is the reinforcement of gender roles and racial stereotypes. Though violence, obesity, commercialization, and short attention spans are also legitimate complaints, the issues of race relations and gender roles create widespread effects. This is not an issue specific to animation; it is prevalent in all forms of entertainment. Yet if we, as a culture, are to remove these issues from our media, we should be focusing on changing perceptions

  • Media Role Models and the Effect on Children

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    Media construct our culture, and the media we use to communicate with one another shapes our perception of reality. Our society is centered on media, it is the most influential factor in constructing our culture, but is it a positive culture? If we examine the effect that media has on children, we can say that it breeds a harmful culture, one that throws values and morals out the window. This is because the media is profit driven and has developed its own code of ethics of "anything-goes". As

  • Sexism, Racism and Stereotypes in South Park

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    strengths of South Park. This TV show was created with a purpose to make racism and sexism funny and acceptable. South Park is a television show that was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It circumvents the lives of 4 boys namely Eric Cartmen, Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski around the town of Colorado. This show mainly aims at picking up various stereotypes in different societies and making fun of them. It is highly racist and makes fun of different genders and performs the act

  • Essay on Controversial Television Advertising

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    Introduction Parents today have an obligation to keep their children safe from the harsh reality of life around them. Just by turning on the television a child is subjected to violence and provocative images, or is shown the “coolness” of lighting up a cigarette and drinking alcohol. Television advertisements pose a threat to preserving a child’s innocence; they go above and beyond being an advertisement and become a weapon that is slowly tearing away at the decency in American homes. Parental

  • My Greatest Fear: Having the Same Relationship with My Little Brother as I Do with My Older Sister

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    My greatest fear: Having the same relationship with my little brother as I do with my older sister. My best childhood memory: Early in the morning fresh from returning from the greatest place on earth Disney World, we would sneak into the kitchen by crawling on the floor like tiny ninjas. We were not looking for cookies or pancakes. The mission was to find the Harry Potter jellybeans, a straw bag full of a child’s jellybean dreams and nightmares. We saw the target…we grabbed it and went on our