Kensington Palace

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  • Essay On Princess Diana

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    weil they used about 153 yards of tulle. The shoes she wore took longer to make than her dress. Te shoes took about 6 months to make and included 542 sequins and 132 pearls in a heart-shaped design. Kensington Palace is is a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. It showcases 25 pieces by 11 designers and shows how the Princess of Wales used fashion to inspire other women. There are glittering gowns, elegant suits, and bol mini

  • Descriptive Essay On Hyde Park

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    King Charles I had the park opened to the public. Among Hyde Park’s special features are: The large artificial lake which is known as the Serpentine, located at the south end of the park. This lake extends onward toward the north and goes into Kensington Gardens where its name changes to Long Water. The lake is very popular for swimming and boating. To the southwest is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain which looks more like an artificial stream. It is a circular fountain which is made

  • Quirkiest Restaurants And Bars Kensington

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    Quirkiest Restaurants and Bars Kensington This is a manual for a percentage of the brilliant Restaurants and bars in Kensington. The one thing you will see on your visit to London, and for sure somewhere else in Britain, is that you are never a long way from a bar. Maybe that says a great deal in regards to the British. There are many standard bars specked around in London as a rule, and additionally in Kensington, and some are superior to anything others. Be that as it may, here we bring you what

  • An Analysis of William Blake's Poem "London" Essay

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    In "London", William Blake brings to light a city overrun by poverty and hardship. Blake discards the common, glorifying view of London and replaces it with his idea of truth. London is nothing more but a city strapped by harsh economic times where Royalty and other venues of power have allowed morality and goodness to deteriorate so that suffering and poverty are all that exist. It is with the use of three distinct metaphors; "mind-forg'd manacles", "blackning Church", and "Marriage hearse", that

  • Introduction Of The Crystal Palace

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    INTRODUCTION It was like---like nothing but itself, unsurpassable, indescribable, unique, amazing, real! ----Talli’s History and Description of the Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the World’s Industry in 1851 From 1837 to 1901, under the reign of Queen Victoria, Great Britain, with the supremacy of its Royal Navy, had largely fulfilled its ambition of global imperial expansion in Asia and Africa particularly. As the British Empire soon became the largest empire in history, this era was later

  • Palace Of Westminster Research Paper

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    Imagine it's 1834 in London and the Palace of Westminster had just caught ablaze and is burned almost to the ground by a massive fire.Now imagine yourself winning a competition and being allowed to create a master peice that would stand for years to come.Architecht Sir Charles Barry and gothic architect Augustus Pugin won the competition and got the chance to design the new Palace of Westminster.The Palace of Westminter is comonly known as the House of Parliament and holds the U.K parliament, but

  • The London Blitz Essay

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    supported by over 600 fighters flew up the Thames and      proceeded to bomb Woolwich Arsenal, Beckton gas Works, a large number of      docks, West Ham Power Station, and then the city, Westminster and Kensington.      They succeeded in causing a serious fire situation in the docks. An area about 1½      square miles between North Woolwich Road and the Thames was almost      destroyed

  • Biography Of Alexander John Greenslade And Lady Mary Capelle

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    Alexander John Greenslade, Stepney, London, 1885. I was born to Lord John Greenslade and Lady Mary Capelle. In my early years, me and my kin took residency in Millbank road; walking distance from both the Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace. We lived in a white bricked mansion: five stories tall; a small porters lodge just outside the front door; white and gold incrusted foyer centred around a carpeted marble staircase, a glittering chandelier hanging from The Creation of Adam on the ceiling

  • Conte Poem Analysis Essay

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    Contraire In “Conte” by Marilyn Hacker, Cinderella shows the reader a glimpse of her life after the childhood tale ends, a less happier ending than the original story implies. She feels trapped in a constant state of misery and boredom in the royal palace. Without life experience guiding her, Cinderella is in a dilemma caused by her ignorance of the potential consequences of her actions. With the use of irony, structure, and diction, “Conte” shows how innocence and naïveté result in regrettable mistakes

  • Joseph Paxton 's Life And Accomplishments

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    Joseph Paxton Joseph Paxton was born in Milton Bryan in Bedfordshire, England on August 3rd 1803, he was the seventh son of a farmer, grew up in a big family. He was an English architect, gardener and also known for cultivating Cavendish bananas. 1The first time he introduced in this garden industry was when we obtained an employment opportunity at Battlesden Park. At the time he was 15 years old, and was became a garden boy. He switched couple of garden jobs until 1823, where he worked at Horticultural