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  • A Comparison Of The Epic Heroes, And The Characters Of Beowulf

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    Beowulf represents a type of protagonists rarely seen in the modern world of entertainment, the epic hero. For centuries their simplistic tales of overcoming evil and their demeanor have dominated Western notions of masculinity: Control over emotion, physical strength, arrogance, innate morality, and an alpha male mentality. It might be ideal for older cultures and the Anglo-Saxon warriors that needed a model of morality they need to idolize, but in our times we need more. The America we live in

  • Censorship And Its Effect On The Creativity And Enjoyment Of What We Indulge Ourselves

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    media and entertainment. Is it the opinions of people or someone in a higher power for something to be a product of censorship? Berserk had its debut in 1988 with its prototype and 1989 as a full-fledged story. This is a manga written and drawn by Kentaro Miura who has been in

  • Lamborghini 's Bull Mark Is Inherently Distinct And Arbitrary

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    Lamborghini’s bull mark is strong because it is an incontestable mark that is conceptually and commercially strong and not weakened by third-party use. Lamborghini’s mark is conceptually strong because it is inherently distinct and arbitrary. The mark is commercially strong because of Lamborghini’s strong sales and presence in mainstream media. Third-party use of bull marks does not weaken the Lamborghini’s mark because none of the third-party marks are in Lamborghini’s relevant market. And the

  • Peter Jacob Hented: A Short Story

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    I don't really remember if you gave us an actual prompt for this email (and if you did I apologize for not remembering it) so I will just write about myself. Is that okay with you? Well, you can not actually answer that question as I am typing but I suppose you could tell me if I did this correctly or incorrectly after class. Well, changing the conversation I artificially created, my full name is Peter Jacob Hensley and all my life I've lived in Oklahoma. I'm the youngest of three siblings, one

  • Manga

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    Comics didn't interest me much until a few years ago: long Indian summers spent reading Archie digests out of utter boredom had convinced me that there wasn't much to the form. It was only when a friend introduced me to Japanese comics (or manga) three years ago that I began to realize that the synthesis of image and text could produce complex layers of meaning, which shifted from reading to reading. In Japan, manga has "spread and diversified as a dominant (almost the dominant) medium in mass culture"