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  • Daniel Boone Essay

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    for his exploration and settlement of what is now the state of Kentucky. Despite resistance from American Indians, for whom Kentucky was a traditional hunting ground, in 1775 Boone blazed the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky. There he founded Boonesborough, one of the first English-speaking settlements beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Before the end of the 18th century, more than 200,000 people entered Kentucky by following the route marked by Boone. It was the first day

  • Kentucky River Foothills Development Council Case Study

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    When creating the proposal for Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc. (KRFDC), the workforce structure and culture was considered by a “collaborate process of assessments. It includes the key agency and community stakeholders, agency board of directors, staff, and most importantly, the clients” (Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc., 2014, p. 3). The relationship between the agency’s workforce culture and its ability to provide comprehensive service delivery involves looking

  • Daniel Boone Book Report

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    Daniel Boone was born on November second, 1734 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was the sixth child of Squire and Sarah Boone. Daniel’s great-grandparents, George and Mary Boone, had sailed to America from Bradninch, England, in 1717. From the time Daniel was a small boy, he loved and appreciated the wonders of nature. He jumped at the chance to venture deep into the woods and explore the vast wilderness of this glorious new land. Boone was remembered as having never liked school. Rather, he

  • Daniel Boone, An American Explorer And Frontiersman

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    the fact it was originally a hunter’s trail. The Wilderness Road was steep and rough, and could only be traveled by foot or horseback, despite that drawback thousand of settlers descended up the trail to the new discovered land. Upon arrival in Kentucky, Daniel Boone and his men began the construction of temporary log huts, Fort Boone, in which he would capture settlement from the Indians. Boone’s settlement received tension from the local Shawnee and Cherokee tribes, for the tribes were flustered

  • Mammoth Cave National Park Research Paper

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    Geology of Mammoth Cave Kentucky Introduction Mammoth Cave is found in Mammoth Cave National Park that was founded in 1941. Currently, it is the longest cave known in the world with approximately 350 miles of underground interconnected chambers and passages. Mapping and exploration continues and seems like it has no end. Mammoth Cave National Park is situated near Park City in south central Kentucky. It lies in forested and hilly areas of three counties; Hart, Edmonson, and Barren. It occupies about

  • Kentucky 's Role During The Civil War

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    Kentucky’s Role during the Civil War The world has faced the dangers of war almost since the beginnings of time, and America in the mid-1800’s was no different. Despite the Union having won its freedom from England during the Revolutionary War less than a century before, problems were brewing internally within the young and rapidly expanding country. As slavery boomed in the southern states, the North grew less and less content with this state of affairs. It is said that “to southern whites, the

  • Daniel Boone, An American Explorer And Frontiersman

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    girls. In 1767, Daniel Boone decided to set out on his first solo expedition, Boone traveled along the Big Sandy River in Kentucky and made his way westward towards Floyd County. Two years later Boone set out on another expedition with John Finley, the teamster whom he marched with during the French and Indian War, as well as four other men to explore the unknown regions of Kentucky. With

  • Southern Kentucky Outreach Program Case Study

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    The Southern Kentucky Outreach Program was established as a 501(c)3 organization in the community of Burkesville, Kentucky in 2000 by local city council leader David Good, one of the most productive city council leaders in southern Kentucky in the last decade. The mission of SKOR is to strengthen the community of Burkesville and surrounding areas of Cumberland County through innovative outreach programs that are centered on art, healthy lifestyles, educational attainment, and economic empowerment

  • Sustainable Futures Act Recommendations Essay

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    Re: Sustainable Futures Act Recommendation Executive Summary: With the passage of the Sustainable Futures Act (SFA), a clear message has been sent to both the Nation and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The SFA bans coal extraction, crucial to the Kentucky economy, while it does provide job training and economic support for those in coal mining areas, the bill will not be enough to spur new green growth in the Commonwealth. The two proposals: 1) Provide Mazda USA $500 million dollars to start production

  • Levi Coffin Describes Margaret Garner's Attempt To Escape Slavery Analysis

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    “Levi Coffin Describes Margaret Garner’s Attempt to Escape Slavery” is a story about a slave named Margaret Garner, who attempted to escape slavery in the winter of 1856. The story took place in Boone County, Kentucky – a slave state and Cincinnati, Ohio - where slavery is illegal. The author, Levi Coffin, a prosperous Quaker and abolitionist, who was an active leader in the Underground Railroad network that helped thousands of fugitive slaves escape to freedom. He was a religious man and an opponent