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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Rain Day : A Fall Day

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    It was a warm and colorful fall day. I was a happy eight year old planning on enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes cooking down stairs. I ran downstairs as fast I could. Not surprising, I saw my mom making fluffy pancakes I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat them. We started eating breakfast and the pancakes tasted as good as they looked. It was Saturday so I knew that after breakfast, I had chores to do. My first chore that I had to do was vacuum

  • Creative Writing: Middle School

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    On a beautiful, Sunday morning Mikey, Laurel, and I go to eat at our usual hangout spot, “Gloria’s Pizza”. It’s been a month since our skit and my leg has healed nicely since then, but it still sorta hurts if I move it to much. Tiffany doesn’t talk to me anymore except for the occasional glance in the hallway. But ever since Laurel smiled her beautiful smile that day at the hospital, I’ve had a huge crush on her and today I can’t stop staring at her. See, every Spring our middle school holds a school

  • Descriptive Essay : My Favorite Trail

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    The smell of wet woods hit my nose, I welcomed the friendly scent by taking in a deep breath. It was a relief to smell the fresh air of the mountains rather than the city fumes that burned at my lungs day by day. Hiking is my favorite activity to get rid of stress. It helps to get away from my awful family and the annoying kids at school. I needed a moment to relax and the best way for me to do that was to take a stroll through the woods and let my over active imagination roam. The sticks and

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The following Monday morning, I felt slightly cranky and groggy; after an awful night of tossing and turning, my back was killing me, and was I getting stretch marks?! Oh no, that a was just some BBQ sauce stains from last night's fish dinner. Finally we had finished the last of the fish. My mother told me not to resort to BBQ sauce, but I couldn't help it. Ew, I needed a shower asap. Listlessly getting up from my bed, I staggered toward the door and made my way towards the bathroom. "Hey Gwen,

  • Business Problem Paper

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    Running Head: BUSINESS PROBLEM PAPER AND PRESENTATION Business Problem Paper and Presentation University of Phoenix MBA 510 - Managerial Decision Making Professor Daniel A. Puente University of Phoenix Faculty Due April 28, 2008 Business Problem Paper and Presentation In the following pages, discussion will take place on the Wal-Mart Corporation, more specifically issues that have arisen with employee retention within the company. This work will illustrate both statistically and comprehensively

  • The Importance Of The Future In The Refugees

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    explaining that the opportunity I have right now is definitely something I should not throw away. My aunt and uncle-in-law offered financial help should I need it. Coincidentally, the day after that call, I received a text message from a girl named Khia, who saw my roommate request online, asking if I was looking for a roommate to live with. The apartment was only 10 minutes away from school, but there was public transportation available for me to take to school. Had it not been for my family’s support

  • Parents Like Partners : Why We Choose Partners

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    Parents like Partners: Why we choose partners similar to our parents Final Research Paper Risham Chaudry Baruch College Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Methods 2.1 Participants 2.2 Procedure 3. Results and Discussion 4. Conclusion 5. Citations 1. Introduction Mate selection is a process that most living species have to undergo. The desire to procreate can be described as innate and biologically, we are inclined to search for the optimum partner to procreate with. Prior research has shown

  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Recruiting

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    My tour in recruiting was ending, and DA decided to send me to the 12th Aviation Group at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We put the house on the market for $115,000 and sold it almost immediately. The Army required a refresher course anytime one was coming from a non-aviation assignment. That would be at Fort Rucker, Alabama, but we dropped by Fort Bragg first to find a place to live. We got with a realtor and told him we wanted to look at new houses where the doctors and lawyers lived and perhaps

  • Logistics Performance Index

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    CHƯƠNG 1: GIỚI THIỆU VỀ CHỈ TIÊU LPI Phần 1: LOGISTICS & TẦM QUAN TRỌNG CỦA LOGISTICS: 1. Logistics: “Logistics là quá trình tối ưu hóa về địa điểm và thời điểm, vận chuyển và dự trữ nguồn tài nguyên từ điểm đầu tiên của chuỗi cung ứng qua các khâu sản xuất phân phối cho đến tay người tiêu dùng cuối cùng, thông qua hàng loạt các hoạt động kinh tế. (GS.TS Đoàn Thị Hồng Vân Quản trị Logistics – NXB Thống kê 2006). 2. Tầm quan trọng của Logistics trên thế giới: Hệ thống Logistics góp một phần

  • B Du Bois 's Theory Of Double Consciousness

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    Finding a norm to break was pretty hard, but once I did I realized the norm itself was also a little strange. People ride the elevator because they wish to get to their destination in the building quicker than they would walking up and down the stairs. At Berkeley City College there are only five floors; riding the elevator is not an absolutely necessary thing. My school is a pretty diverse campus, although I rarely see the diverse people in the same classes I choose for myself. I see people of all