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  • Disney Princesses Role Model

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    specifically designed to combat Disney’s increasingly reductive princess archetype.” (Bartyzel 467) It appears Merida is not the same kind of princess that Disney released in the past. A symbol that Disney is moving to the kind of princess that transcends stereotypes. Merida is an independent young woman who empowers herself and rejecting her reality of being a princess. The movie depicts her story to have people see what Disney princess should be, not as eye candy, but as empowered smart people.

  • Gloria Mayweather : Off Daydreaming Again

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    few things you should know about Gloria. First of all, we all know she’s an orphan. The 19 year old Princess wasn’t like most princesses you see. She wasn’t beautiful or nice or anything like that. She was tall and disgustingly scrawny. She was as pale as a ghost and had freckles and warts all over her body. Her eyes were sunken in and she had purplish bruise like circles under them. The princess has wild black hair that was matted to her head. She had dull green eyes and scaly red lips. It was strange

  • I Find The Sport Of The Hoofball Game Last Night

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    “So, you watch the hoofball game last night?” “No. I find the sport to be repugnant and vapid.” “Oh,” Captain Bronze Lance said. He was having a rough week. After being grilled by the Royal Sisters about bachelors in the Royal Guard—which was quite possibly the most awkward conversation he had ever had—the Princesses went missing, which sent the palace guards into panic. One moment, they were having tea in one of the castle’s sitting rooms, and the next, they were gone. Nearly five dozen guards

  • Princess Diana Eulogy Analysis

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    On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a fatal car crash while in Paris. Her funeral was held on September 6, 1997, at Westminster Abbey in London, England. Thousands of people attended, while many more watched from their homes. A few of her family members spoke great things about her; however, the eulogy her brother wrote shocked the millions that were watching. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a eulogy is a commendatory oration or writing especially in honor of one deceased (Merriam-Webster

  • Torien: A Fictional Narrative

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    Meanwhile back at the castle Aladar and Morikin had been moved to the dungeon. The Red Father had sent them here when he had gotten rid of all known threats in the castle. He had ordered what looked like 20 red sons to guard entrance and another 5 to guard us personally. Aladar was worried about his siblings. He wasn’t sure where his sister Annadell was now or if his brother Torien was even alive. Aladar had always been protective of his younger siblings. Morikin was also worried, but he was trying

  • Leominster: A Short Story

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    students with similar rankings were only separated by the species they were born into. And said separation was maintained by the fae princess Arabella of Alandrar who many called the Lady of Leominster. Arabella, simply put, ruled the school and made sure that the school’s social hierarchy was preserved at her school and it was, until Marina

  • The Tale Of Fairy Tales

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    1. What is the genre of this story? Are there any other possible genres this story could fall into? This story is a Fairy-tale. Fairy-tales often have very archetypal and flat characters, often only embellished in re-tellings by various authors/story-tellers. It can be presumed that this is because most fairy-tales come from European oral tradition, so only the most essential things about the plot remain. In this case, the archetypal folkloric characters are the king, the princesses (the youngest

  • The Greek Hero Of Fame

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    Greek Hero Essay Why should Perseus be in the Greek Hall of Fame? Who was given gifts by gods and goddesses? Who was almost killed by his grandfather? Whose father was the biggest man on campus? Well, that was Perseus, son of Zeus, and killer of Medusa. Perseus was a descendant of Zeus and Danae, Acrisius, his grandfather did not like him, so he sent him and his mother away in a chest in the ocean. Perseus should be in the Greek Hero Hall of Fame, for multiple different reasons. When considering

  • Essay on Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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    changed/developed more powerful actions and bravery. She has turned from being too shy to ask if she is the real princess and instead she quotes, “Sir Stephen are you Desmia’s tutor too?” on page 6 which is showing us that she was too scared to ask . Then in the middle she was turned into someone who thought they knew everything but she really didn’t on page 171 she says, “I am the real princess.” when she actually doesn’t know. During the end Cecilia was brave enough to tell all the girls that they could

  • Starlyn's Attacks: A Narrative Fiction

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    Starlyn inspected the maroon dress her maids had chosen for her. This didn’t seem real, one moment she was at school, the next she was brought to a whole different realm. It all happened so fast she hadn’t even had time to really register what had actually happened. When would they go home? What happened to the boys that were taken as well? Then it dawned on her, when would she see her family again? Starlyn tried not to think about these scary questions and instead admired the diamond belt on her