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  • The Current Consumption Of Nigeria Essay

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    person, implying and meaning that the country’s current consumption shortfall per person is still large, at 11.2 kilo per person. Catfish usually the primary fish farmed in Nigeria, sells for about $2.50 per kilogram which is relatively high while imported fish species sell for sixty cents per kilogram quite low. The government is targeting for substitution of species like mackerel, herring, horse mackerel, croaker and blue whiting in the Nigerian industries while analysts are saying in the policy details

  • Persuasive Essay On Environmental Sustainability

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    The current global population of 7.6 billion people is expected to reach 11.2 billion in 2100 (UN DESA), and as the Earth’s population continues to grow exponentially, the topic of environmental sustainability is being debated with increased urgency. In the past few years, many large-scale environmental issues have emerged due to human activities: climate change, air and water pollution, rising sea levels, habitat loss, species extinction, and worsening natural disasters are all becoming more and

  • Drug Calculations for Busy Paramedics

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    calIV and Drug Calculations for Busy Paramedics By Kent R. Spitler, MSEd, RN, NREMT-P EMS Educator Charlotte, North Carolina Introduction Medication calculations can cause frustration for EMS providers. Math and pharmacology can make it difficult to succeed on course exams, in the clinical setting, and in the field. There is a solution to make medication calculations easier. The answer to this problem is simple by showing students how to perform calculations using a simple process. While there are

  • Ecological Footprint Of Sea Food Consumption

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    ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT OF SEA FOOD CONSUMPTION IN LAGOS Lagos is surrounded by water, Lagos Island is practically on the ocean and the availability of water has contributed to the growth of Lagos in ways like Tourism, Holidaying, Transportation and food. The Atlantic coastline of Lagos is estimated to be 180km long this is an addition to the estuaries, lagoons, creeks and tributaries of major rivers that constitute the resource base for the thriving fisheries industry that are four in number. The total

  • Laboratory Techniques & Measurements

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    for metric measurements, you need to know the relative magnitude of a few basic measurements. For example: 1 mm = thickness of a dime, a penny weighs 2 ½ grams, and 20°C = normal room temperature. Determine the following: 1. What is the mass in kilograms (kg) of a person who weighs 143 lb? 64.9 kg 2. What weighs approximately 1 g? 1000 mg equal 1 g. 3. What is approximately 1 cm long, wide or thick? 10 dimes are equal to 1 cm of thickness. 4. What weighs about 100 g? 40 pennies weigh about

  • Math And Medicine : Math, Medicine

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    Math and Medicine What some of us don’t know is that math has a lot to do with everything we do, it is essential to our daily life. We use mathematics every day from buying a car, or the amount of pie to make for thanksgiving depending on how many family members coming. All of these basic things contributes to how we use math daily. Some of us don’t realize the importance of math, and how it’s a necessity that helps us more than we know. When it comes to people that are trying to lose weight or

  • The Metric System And Imperial System

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    The two main systems for the measurement are known as the Metric system and Imperial system.The Imperial system is also known to be as British Imperial system, used in many parts of the world in from 16th to the 19th century. Although the Metric system has gained popularity nowadays, the Imperial system is still used by many countries, like the United Kingdom. While working in these countries you may find difficulty in units. In Metric System we use gram as a unit of measurement of mass and if you

  • INET Lab Report 1 Measurement Essay

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    influenced United States manufacturing? The United States has to reconfigure the measurement of goods due to not using the metric system. 2. Name the basic unit of metric measurement of each of the following: Length Meters Volume Liters Mass Kilograms Temperature Celsius 3. Explain how the metric units for length, volume and mass are related. 1 cubic centimeter equals 1 ml equals 1 g of h2O 4. What is the approximate mass of 400 ml of water? 400 g 5. Which metric units of length

  • Should America Use The Metric System Essay

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    The organization NASA made this mistake due to using Pounds instead of Kilograms. Another fact that PBS states is the ease in trading in internationally; nevertheless it eliminates “duplication in manufacturing and labeling.” Even when it comes to international relations, if America switches to the metric system the world will

  • Physic Lab Report Parallel Force

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    Physics Lab Report: Parallel Force Aim: To test the principle of moments. Apparatus: Metre rule with holes drilled at the 25cm, 50cm and 75cm mark, 50g masses 50mm long bolt with a diameter of approximately 5mm, retort stand, boss head and clamp, 0-10 N spring balance, electronic pan balance ,wire or string for suspending masses from the metre rule, two bulldog clips. Part A: Balancing a constant moment. Procedure: 1. The experiment is set up by first placing the bolt through the rule, then