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  • Kindergarten In Kindergarten

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    Kindergarten in the 1870s was a place for the middle class children in Canada. However, the late into the 19th century kindergarten changed. It went from being a “novel childrearing alternative for the educated middle-classes and a popular means of maintaining cultural heritage among German immigrants, to becoming a widespread form of upper and middle class women's philanthropic work with poor children and an integral part of many public school systems” (Lazerson, 1973 from Dehli, 2014, p. 15). In

  • Concept Of Kindergarten Readiness?

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    Concept of Kindergarten Readiness Kindergarten readiness is a term that one hears in preschools all over the country. It is of very high concern to parents and teachers alike. What is kindergarten readiness? Graue (2010) reminds us that “it has been generally accepted and reliably supported that kindergarten readiness is determined by more than age”. It is a broader concept of the skills necessary to make a smooth transition to the kindergarten classroom so that they can be successful (Wesley &

  • Disadvantages Of Transitional Kindergarten

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    Imagine two parents who have a child getting ready to go to kindergarten. They are very smart and seem completely prepared for this big milestone. There is only one problem, her child’s birthday does not meet the cutoff date. Now she is faced with the decision of where to educate her child. Does she put her child back in preschool? Should she homeschool her child until the next school year? This is an obstacle faced by many parents all over the country whose children do not meet the cutoff age for

  • Full-Day Kindergarten

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    Effects of Full-Day Kindergarten on the Long-Term Health Prospects of Children in Low-Income and Racial/Ethnic-Minority Populations Introduction Researchers have found out that the only way to help children that are from (minority and low income) families to be able to meet up with children from majority families in terms of education, language, fine motor skills and good cognitive process is for them to participate in full-day kindergarten as compared to half-day kindergarten. As half- day kindergarten

  • The Pros And Cons Of Kindergarten

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    Years ago, kindergarten classes were created as private institutions to teach children the basic daily living skills, not academic skills, like reading or writing. Then a shift emerged, the Federal Government required kindergarten to be offered in public schools throughout the United States and many states complied. Over the years, in the United States, kindergarten essentially has become an academic preparation for the first grade. Although at present, enrollment in Kindergarten is not mandatory

  • The Importance Of Kindergarten In Schools

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    Attending kindergarten can be the source of the best memories from childhood years. The first time making friends, having a teacher, and actively learning is a memorable experience in a lot of people’s lives. It would be ideal if every person started their education journey with this shared experience. However, this is not the case. In the United States, 35 of the 50 states have no laws requiring citizens to attend kindergarten, and among them five do not even require the school districts to offer

  • Kindergarten Vocabulary : A Literature Review

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    Kindergarten Vocabulary: A Literature Review of Effective Instruction Introduction When students enter into the kindergarten classroom, they are greeted with a plethora of new knowledge that they may have previously not had exposure, such as phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Within these, vocabulary is often a major struggle for many children in kindergarten. Young children are often exposed to vocabulary through conversations, but not in a manner of teaching

  • How Pre Kindergarten Programs Increase Literacy And Prepare Children For Kindergarten

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    Title How Pre-Kindergarten Programs Increase Literacy and Prepare Children for Kindergarten Justina Jefferson Walden University Tools for Doctoral Research (EDDD - 8003 - 2) Background/Introduction The problem that I would like to address is how pre-kindergarten programs increase literacy and prepare children for kindergarten. Researching this problem will allow me to explore early literacy programs and how they implement literacy programs that facilitate the development

  • Persuasive Essay- Ipads in Kindergarten

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    Auburn Schools: Moving in the Right Direction In 2011, ten years after Maine began issuing laptops to all seventh graders, the Auburn School System launched an initiative to provide an iPad 2 for each of its students entering kindergarten. At a cost of roughly $200,000- representing a 5% increase in the school budget (Opinions Divided…) some taxpayers were less than pleased- calling it a complete waste of money. But in Auburn- and schools around the country- trends are emerging and showing the iPad

  • My First Day Of Kindergarten

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    Just yesterday I walked through the gym doors of LC with my mom to meet my classmates for my first day of Kindergarten. I had no idea how it would feel, or what great memories would be made in those hallways that I would never forget. As I walked into my classroom, I met my teacher, Mrs. Goecker. She had very little tolerance for me when I refused help from a classmate one morning during spelling and vocab. This resulted in her sending me to the principal 's office. That was a very scary experience