Kingdom of Israel

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  • The Kingdoms Of Judah And Israel

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    The Kingdoms of Judah and Israel from ca. 922 to 586 BCE have a significant impact not only on the Jewish tradition, but also on the history of Ancient Israel and its development, therefore it is important to discuss their political structure and influence. To discuss the political structure and developments of this period modern scholars refer to as the divided monarchy in Ancient Israel, there must first be a discussion of the political and religious factors that bring about the unification and

  • The United Kingdom Period Of Israel

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    The history of the United Kingdom period in Israel focuses on a few main characters, namely, Saul, David and Solomon. However the story begins with the life of Samuel who was a prophet, priest, and the last judge of Israel. Samuel was unique in that he was set apart for God from birth and had been called by God from a young age. Samuel was the spiritual leader prior to the Kingship of Israel. Samuel listened to God and obeyed Him only. In the early United Kingdom period Samuel is the chosen

  • The Kingdom of Israel From Omri To The Fall Of Samaria: If We Only Had the Bible by Grabbe

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    Introduction Grabbe (2007, P.54) conducted a study under the title “The Kingdom of Israel From Omri To The Fall Of Samaria: If We Only Had the Bible...” According the author there was a heated debate on whether the Bible is a problematic source of information about the settlement of central Palestine. The debate evolved to focus on the period of the first part of the monarchy the early period of ‘nationhood’ (Grabbe, p. 54). Consequently, the author conducted a study with four objectives and a main

  • The Minor Prophet Hosea As A Young Man Lived Near Soil

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    Isidore E. Sharpe Professor Kenneth Yelverton OTS – 102 18 September 2015 The Minor Prophet Hosea The Prophet Hosea is believed to the successor of the Prophet Amos. Hosea was the only writing prophet of Israel to Israel. The name Hosea (Heb., Hoshea) means “salvation.” It is interesting to observe that the names Joshua (Num 13:16) and Jesus (Matt 1:21) are derived from the same Hebrew root as Hosea. (Jensen, 6739) His father name Beeri, a middle-class merchant, a farmer or cattleman. It is uncertain

  • Causes Of The Southern Kingdom

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    INTRODUCTION The Southern Kingdom is said to have been exiled by the Babylonians. In this essay one would seek to focus on tracing the causes that led to the exile of the Southern kingdom. But before I begin, I would explain, first- how the divided kingdom came about? Second- what the Southern Kingdom here means? Third- what an exile is and what led to the causes of the exile of southern kingdom? And finally- the Conclusion. First, the Divided Kingdom. From studies, the Old Testament and other sources

  • History in the Old Testament

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    period, it describes the relationship of God and the people of Israel before the coming of Jesus. To make it easy to explain the history in the Old Testament, I have seen it best to look at it under the following periods: 1. Primeval History Primeval history refers to the earliest history in the Bible. Genesis chapters 1 to 11 are considered the primeval history portion of the Bible. This is the Biblical time

  • How Kings First Rule The People If Israel After The Period Of The Judges

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    people if Israel after the period of the judges. I will examine the reign of each of the three kings. I will explain in detail how their kingdoms enjoyed prosperity when they were obedient to God but how their kingdoms collapsed when they turned from God. Although the prophet Samuel warned the people of Israel against the evils of kingship, the people of Israel did not heed his warnings. Ultimately, in 931 B.C. the rule of the kings of the united Israel would end in the division of the kingdom. How

  • King Hezekiah Essay

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    find the story as it unfolds of the children of Israel. Beginning in the book of Exodus the children of Israel are in Egyptian bondage and being forced to work as slaves. God appears to Moses in a burning bush and tells him that He [God] has heard His people and He is going to deliver them out of bondage. God at that time tells Moses that He has chosen him to be the leader of this people. After God brings ten plagues against Egypt the children of Israel are driven out of the land, and God promises to

  • List Of A Honor Code By Refraining From Lying, Stealing, Or Cheating

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    evidence and Biblical stories allow for some confirmation of the truth, including the origins of Abraham, the Hebrews’ journey into Canaan, the flaws in the Hebrews’ monotheism, the destruction of Solomon’s temple, the conquering of the Israelite kingdom, and the evidence of Israel’s waning power following the death of Solomon. The origins of the Hebrews can be traced back to Abraham, who the Bible depicts as the patriarch of Judaism. Yahweh promises to Abraham and his descendants the land of Canaan

  • Essay on David and King Saul

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    During the time of Samuel, why did the people of Israel desire a king? Why was Saul chosen, and, ultimately, why was he rejected? What attribute did David display that made him a better king than Saul? What sin did Solomon commit that ultimately led to the division of Israel after his death? The elders of the tribes come to Samuel and requested a king. They say that Samuel is too old and his sons are corrupt. They desired a king to “lead them” and to lead them and to go out before them and to