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  • The Western Place By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    When Two Different Worlds Collide Throughout the book, “The Western Place” , by Maxine Hong Kingston, there is a differential gap between the two sisters who come from two different sides of the world. A lot of differences between the two sisters and their personal lifestyles comes from one sister living in America as a Chinese-American and the other sister living in China. In the story Brave Orchid who is the sister that is brave, outspoken, and sometimes cruel sees life as a bundle of opportunities

  • The Woman Warrior, By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    live the “American Dream”. Thousands of people come to the U.S. to live a better life for their family. Instead they face racial seclusion, struggle to survive, and consequences of American’s fear. In the memoir, The Woman Warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston, a girl who discloses stories about Chinese myths, families, and events in the U.S. that has shaped her identity. In the historical fiction novel, When the Emperor was Divine, by Julie Otsuka, is about a Japanese American family sent to an internment

  • The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston

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    In The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston crafts a fictitious memoir of her girlhood among ghosts. The book’s classification as a memoir incited significant debate, and the authenticity of her representation of Chinese American culture was contested by Asian American scholars and authors. The Woman Warrior is ingenuitive in its manipulation of the autobiographical genre. Kingston integrates the value of storytelling in her memoir and relates it to dominant themes about silence, cultural authenticity

  • No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    A Chinese-American, Maxine Hong Kingston is familiar with this dilemma. In her piece “No Name Woman”, Kingston explores this struggle by sharing the tragic story of her aunt’s pregnancy. Within her piece, she journalistically reports her aunt’s story in her mother’s words and fictionally narrates some of her aunt’s possible behaviors because of its lack of detail. She also explains several Chinese customs and

  • The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    Throughout the novel The Woman Warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston, the past is incorporated into the present through talk-stories combined into each chapter. Kingston uses talk-stories, to examine the intermingling of Chinese myths and lived experiences. These stories influence the life of the narrator as the past is constantly spoken about from the time she is young until the novel ends and she becomes an adult. Kingston incorporates two cultures. She is not a direct recipient of Chinese culture,

  • The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston Essay

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    In the novel The Woman Warrior Maxine Hong Kingston uses ghosts to represent a battle between American and Chinese cultures. The two cultures have different views of what a ghost is. The Chinese believe the ghost spirits may be of people dead or alive. Chinese culture recognizes foreigners and unfamiliar people as ghosts because, like American ghosts, they are mysterious creatures of the unknown. Americans view ghosts as spirits of the dead that either help or haunt people. American ghosts may

  • Analysis Of 'White Tigers' By Maxine Hong-Kingston

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    of the story “White Tigers” by Maxine Hong-Kingston is that the story that she shares with the reader is what I believed to be a dream that she had. I thought that this dream was inspired by the times her and her mother spoke their own language, talk story. Talking story is a dialect that transcends our basic comprehension of communication. It is the hybrid of our own language, and the power of storytelling fused upon one another. I thought that Kingston told us this story because it was the best

  • Essay on The Woman Warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston

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    The theme of “voiceless woman” throughout the book “the woman warrior” is of great importance. Maxine Kingston narrates several stories in which gives clear examples on how woman in her family are diminished and silenced by Chinese culture. The author not only provides a voice for herself but also for other women in her family and in her community that did not had the opportunity to speak out and tell their stories. The author starts the book with the story of her aunt. This story was a well-kept

  • The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston Essay

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    with and even to strangers. Maxine Hong Kingston in her memoir The Woman Warrior explores language and the use of language to express what Kingston finds as several conflicts. The conflict of the immigrant experience and the conflict of having to be a Chinese- American woman along with the expectation of being “silent”. Maxine Hong Kingston provides a remarkable memoir that blends Chinese folktales and personal narratives. Much throughout her memoir Kingston, tells narratives of “talk- stories”, which

  • Maxine Hong Kingston 's No Name Woman

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    Maxine Hong Kingston, a first-generation Chinese-American, searches for her identity by comparing her own American traditions with her parent’s old-China traditions. Although Kingston grew up in California, her family roots remain deep within her culture. She is an active feminist and the author of two well-known books, The Woman Warrior (1970) and China Men (1980). In No Name Woman, Kingston explores the treatment, values and life of the women of old-China in the 1920s. In “No Name Woman,” which