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  • The Night - Original Writing

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    She rushed home after work telling Rachael of her dinner plans for the night and she promised she wouldn’t interrupt them. She did however want a full report of the night’s events the following day. Lila had decided to go with something more casual since they weren’t actually going out for dinner this time. She settled for a pair of jeans and soft green sweater. She twirled around a couple of times happy with the way things fit, put on her coat and headed out. As she rode up the elevator to his

  • Essay About Elena

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    again. The whole thing was so exhausting, she sometimes wished she'd just let him fuck her. Then again, because he was such a frequent customer of Brett's, he was also a frequent subject of gossip among the girls. Apparently, he had his fair share of kinks, none of them being garden-variety, and Elena was mostly pleased that she'd managed to avoid having to dress up as superwoman or call him "big daddy". She watched Brett with interest as he pulled out his wallet, flashing his cash at her before dropping

  • Volcano Bingo

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    brand that wants to make it really has to play their cards right and make the game fun and fancy for all. One of the many names out there trying to compete is Volcano Bingo. Its debut was a little tough, but they have been working hard to work out the kinks and make it an enjoyable experience across the board. Volcano Bingo definitely isn’t the biggest bingo name out there, but sometimes gems are hidden. So, let’s see what this bingo brand really has to offer, and let’s see if the gameplay at Volcano

  • Kink Tragic Hero

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    discovers his fate by his own actions. In Things Fall Apart, a novel by China Achebe, Kink can be considered a tragic hero because he meets all of Aristotle’s criteria by being a tragic hero by being a successful and respected leader in Moira, having a tragic flaw, and discovering his fate soon after his action. Aristotle’s idea of a tragic hero requires that the character must be noble or a man of high status. "Kink was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond. His fame rested on solid

  • Essay On Kink In America

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    sea factories with unsafe, low cost labor, using the poor to make the phones we all have in our pockets. This, otherwise, outstanding country has some kinks in its armor and the biggest of the kinks are discrimination, mind controlling corporations, and oversea slaves in factories. Our generation could be the generation to refabricate this

  • Kink 101: Video Analysis

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    submissive relationship as it relates to the “Trying To Understand Consent? Ask The LGBTQ And Kink Communities” article. Strong communication is important to kink as it is to any sexual related activity but for Chris’s case the communication level is only with himself. Also an overall message that relates to the two videos is that hurt versus harm is an important as it is shown in the “Kink 101: understanding the kink community” article. With the giantesses it is important that we are not harming others

  • The Importance Of Drilling In Gunsmith Kinks

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    This week in our readings and we read about making and replacing obsolete gun parts in the FAT 100 course text, and touched on some tips and tricks for drilling and tapping in Gunsmith Kinks. Chapter six in the FAT 100 course text covered making and replacing obsolete gun parts. Chapter six in our course text covered a wide range of operations that are involved in manufacturing firearms parts. I will briefly go over my thoughts on this week’s readings in this short paper. I haven’t been put in

  • Personal Narrative: Curls, Kinks, And Coils

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    Curls, Kinks, and Coils Going to predominantly Caucasian private schools my whole life, having thick, dark, curly hair was an anomaly to say the least. The braids and buns my mother would create in my elementary years made me feel like a princess. Each bow and bob was a perfect piece to the imaginary tiara that rested upon my head. When people stared I saw it as admiration. When people touched I took it for interest. As I grew older, the intricate hairstyles my mom would create became a Mecca for

  • Online Dating Group Analysis

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    long term partner. As I perused many online dating sites, I have been constantly confounded with the enigma of the possibility of finding a wonderful woman who would be compatible in so many ways, and I would enjoy her company. But my proclivity to kink, would dutifully ensure the doom of such a relationship. As I am not an expert on terms used in the BDSM community, I arbitrarily assign myself to such terms as slave/submissive/masochist towards women. Although, I suspect it is a blend of all three

  • Sex Therapy New Zealand Case Study

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    Brief Sex Therapy New Zealand is a division of STNZ 2010 Limited, founded by clinical psychologists as a response to the rising concerns regarding the lack of reporting from clients in regard to sexual issues; and the lack of resources and knowledge available to clinicians (Sex Therapy New Zealand, 2007). The organisation aims to provide a holistic approach for their clients and to educate them on how the sexual response cycle occurs in the body; and how external factors such as ageing, injury, illness