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  • The True Story Of The 47 Ronin And The Ako Incident

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    participants of the Ako Incident, much like it was in Medieval Europe. (McMullen) One of the issues that was discussed in every text I read was the incompetence Lord Asano exhibited when he attacked Lord Kira, instead of killing him. As a warrior, he should have completed his attack and killed Lord Kira himself. The other side of the topic of sense of honor was on behalf of the ronin. Society was questioning their

  • Cynthia Kadohata Analysis

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    The novel Kira-Kira, is set in Iowa around the 1950s. The author, Cynthia Kadohata, introduces Katie and Lynn, sisters who are about to move down to Georgia with their family. Katie is the youngest and looks up to her sister Lynn in an unimaginable way. Katie sees Lynn as a genius and the smartest person she knows. Lynn protects her, teaches her, and guides her through thick and thin. Not only are they sisters, they are best friends. Throughout the novel, Lynn begins to fade away from Katie. She

  • Sepuku's Influence On Japanese Culture

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    In the period of the shogunate, the different ranks of warriors held political power. Under the rank of the emperor and the shogunate were the daimyo, who were lords that constructed castles and ruled vast rural estates. The daimyo had hired warriors to protect the land and the farmers of that land. Theses warriors we're known as samurai. A person may have been born a samurai, but one had to experience a huge deal of training and practicing. Not many people were samurai. About one in twenty people