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  • Quickscan Klm

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    1.2 Mission, vision, goals and strategy Mission KLM, Air France and Martinair Cargo are operating as one company; AF-KLM Cargo. In 2005 the Cargo section became part of KLM, because of this AF-KLM Cargo company became the world’s biggest non-integrator operator, with total revenues of 2.9 billion Euros. In December 2008 KLM Group became a sole shareholder of Martinair Holland NV and so extended their plane capacity. “AF-KLM Cargo & Martinair Cargo offers a wide range of a air with transport

  • Executive Of Air France And Klm

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    According to the KLM’s official website (2015) says that the Air France and KLM group became to the largest airline group in Europe Since they merged in May 2004. And their tenet is ‘one group, two airlines, three businesses.’ Each member has own trade brand name and individual identity and the three core businesses are: Cargo and Engineering & Maintenance, Passenger Business. In 2014, the chairman of Air France and KLM group- Alexandre de Juniac has announced a branding new and ambitious strategic

  • Social Responsibility Of KLM And Northwest Airlines

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    In 1967, KLM had moved their airport to Schiphol, Netherlands with improvements to the length of the runway and the airport infrastructure. The 1970’s introduced the new generation aircrafts called wide-bodies. KLM found this as an opportunity to increase their transportation services by purchasing the new Boeing 707. This aircraft has the capability to fit over 500 passengers. This aircraft was the start of mass transportation for KLM as they are able to fly more passengers than before. In 1989

  • Discuss the nature and strategic relevance of the Air France-KLM merger. Should Air France-KLM create new partnerships or acquisitions?

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    AIR FRANCE – KLM: RULING THE SKIES Discuss the nature and strategic relevance of the Air France-KLM merger. Should Air France-KLM create new partnerships or acquisitions? On 5 May 2004, despite great opposition of industry experts the French airline Société Air France (Air France) and the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (KLM) created the world’s largest airline group by turnover named Air France-KLM. The merger represented the first consolidation of two national flag carriers

  • Garuda Indonesia Case Study

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    1. Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia Airlines is Indonesia’s largest commercial aviation and part of State-Owned Companies in Indonesia or as known as Badan Usaha Milik Negara Indonesia. In 2014, Garuda Indonesia Airlines became a member of The SkyTeam Alliance. Therefore, PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) does not only provide services on aircraft but also it has several subsidiaries as part of Garuda Indonesia Group, which are PT. Aero Wisata, PT. Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia, PT. Garuda

  • Air France Case Study

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    commercial and operational management on a daily basis, and will be responsible for any implementation or recommendations done by the committee. (Gudmundsson,Sveinn Vidar, n.d.) In the KLM Management Board consist of three members including one appointed by Air France, and in the Air France Executive committee there is one KLM executive in the Air France executive

  • Air France Financial Analysis

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    Introduction to Finance Air France - KLM Financial Analysis. Before reading I chose Air France as a company to analyze it financially-speaking. But, as my major is in economy in ENPC, I will also include strategic information in this report. I based the financial accounting on the data provided by Yahoo! Finance, which are the three statements, back to March 31, 2007 for the oldest report base. I also reviewed some of other companies in the same business

  • Airfrance Klm Merger Case

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    1. Introduction In 2004 Europe’s largest airline group was formed after the European Commission had approved a merger between French Air France and Dutch KLM. A merger of this dimension certainly has major influences on the economy. This paper will give an insight on the incidents of this instance, the economic consequences and it will deal with the question whether the European Commission’s decision was reasonable. First of all the two firms will be introduced and an overview about the merger will

  • Competing Through Alliances in the Airline Industry: the Air France- Klm/Delta Air Lines Joint Venture

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    industry: The AIR FRANCE- KLM/DELTA AIR LINES JOINT VENTURE In less than twenty years, the global industry has gone through tremendous change. Several airlines had gone out of business that had been on top of the industry for years. One of the remarkable changes had been airline alliances. The case focuses on the airline industry and how airlines are forming alliances and joint ventures. It then introduces the partner firms Air France KLM , and Delta . Air France KLM had over 25 collaborative

  • Case Analysis Of Air France

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    in 2004 Air France merge with KLM and became the largest airline in the world in terms of operating revenue with a 25.5% of total market share. This company has managed to be a leader in the market because how they react to their different kinds of crisis, the reaction time and the strategies they take have a quick and excellent response to the problem, acting effective and solving the crisis effects in the best possible way. One of the biggest Crisis Air France-KLM Group had deal with, is the Financial