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  • Marketing Assignment Canadian Apparel Federation

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    | Canadian Apparel Federation | Exploratory Research Assignment | Owner June 2, 2012 | Introduction The Canadian Apparel Federation is facing numerous challenges as the apparel industry is very competitive and consumer tastes and preferences are constantly changing. Our study will present some of the major trends developing in the apparel industry and what companies can do to capitalize on the market and distinguish themselves from the competitors. Research Objectives The purpose

  • American Apparel Swot Anaysis Essay

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    American Apparel SWOT Analysis Marketing 304 Section 12382 Group# 5 Nancy Alonzo Yavon Irving Salvador Bustos Cory Lashinsky American Apparel is a vertically integrated clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. AAI is best known for making basic, solid color T-shirts and undergarments. They have expanded into dresses, denim, bedding, pants, and accessories for men, women, children, babies, and dogs. Their long-term goal it to become the #1 destination for basic apparel – the

  • American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown L.A.

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    American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown L.A. 1. The textile/clothing sector is vertically de‐integrated: design, textile manufacture, clothing manufacture, distribution are undertaken by specialist firms. Why? In this case, clothing firms like American Apparel have vertically integrated, in order to get time to market, increase resources availability, and cost efficiency. However, many textile/clothing sector is vertically de‐integrated which means that their design, textile manufacture

  • Case Analysis Of American Apparel

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    Background Dov Charney, who rose to profitability as a T-shirt by applying unique business model, founded American Apparel in 1997. Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility were located at the same building in downtown Los Angeles, with Charney paying his workers high salaries and providing all- inclusive benefits. While the costs of manufacturing process were significantly higher than other company’s, the company made itself capable to grow by applying “vertically integrated” structure

  • The Clothing Industry Has Changed Changing Society Essay

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    The clothing industry has changed rapidly in the past couple of decades. While Nike and Burberry are doing well despite a drastic loss of sales for high end fashion brands, some companies have found far more success. Companies like H&M, Zara and Forever21 have come into the scene with their fast fashion. When people used to think about cheap clothing they would think about a low quality, ugly outfit. Now, people can get the latest fashion trends at a low cost. The people in charge of these companies

  • Overt Sexualization in American Apparel’s Advertising Essay

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    advertisement in a suggestive way to model American Apparel’s clothing. From having American Apparel female employers exposing their bodies to female models seductively placed in overtly sexualized positions to having a pornographic actress. American Apparel has been a controversial company when discussing their advertisements. The company advertises their clothes in a

  • Marketing Analysis for American Apparel

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    Problem Statement American Apparel whom once used to be the Situational Analysis: American apparel is the largest clothing manufacturing company in the U.S. The company has initially specialized in cotton-knit wear yet it has gradually developed the interest for leotard, leggings and other vintage-inspired clothing. The company was founded in 1989 by Dov Charney. Charney was born in Montreal, Canada however he was fascinated by the American culture. In 1991, he started designing T-shirt using

  • American Apparel - 1

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    Brand Positioning American Apparel itself wants to be seen as a stylish, no-factory, domestically made brand, inferring from its headline “Fashionable Basics. Sweatshop Free. Made in USA.” The company also wants to be seen as a socially and environmentally conscious brand that sells high quality knitwear with a simple design aesthetic. American Apparel will continue to target a large, diverse market of young urbanites that see themselves as unique instead of as part of a generic, mainstream

  • Hiring for Looks

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    center with friends. I notice they are “turned off” when a “not hot enough” employee is working there. They don’t even want to be approached by the employee because they are not appealing. So, they are not excited. Unlike, when they are at American Apparel they feel somewhat flattered to get customer service received. Especially, when it comes to trying on clothes. If an attractive employee gives you their opinion saying “you look great in that top”. They are definitely convinced to buy it. But, if

  • American Apparel

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