Knock-knock joke

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  • A Trip To Panama City Beach

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    Lucas and Emma laughed at all of the ridiculous faces and knock knock jokes Naomi made.(Even though some of the jokes didn’t make any sense whatsoever!) Naomi repetitively chanted at Lucas, “You smell like poo poo, you smell like poo poo, you smell like doggy doo doo!” Lucas laughed with the rest of the family because of his sisters silly

  • The Great Sabotage Short Story

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    full auditorium is breathtaking. If I wasn’t this nervous I would probably enjoy it, but we all know that would never happen.” He heard no laughter, and if it was because it was nonexistent or he hadn’t heard it, he wasn’t sure. “So, jokes, I could do knock knock jokes or some really long story with a cheesy punchline, but instead, let me tell you about my life.” He glanced down, not sure where his mind was leading him. He gestured toward himself and commented, “Clearly I was born to be the only wizard

  • Toriel Research Paper

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    brushes, but not telling jokes of snails. There is no mobile phone in the ancient time, so she will directly bring you to home but not let you wait. There is no red-leaf tree in front of her home, but a peach tree. She always came here and talk with her soulmate. Because Sans is likes to sit on the branch but Toriel on the ground, only Sans can know who Toriel is but Toriel not. The way to let these two soulmates know was reciting poems, but not telling knock knock jokes. The content of the poem

  • The Brunswick Hotel

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    The Brunswick Hotel has stood at its current location since the 1920s; some jokers say the piano player has been there almost as long. In exchange for room and board plus tips, she plays three shows a day. Her Barrel house is slow from her arthritis, and her voice--roughened by decades of whiskey and tobacco--cracks on the high notes. Sometimes she dreams about her twin, the other playing fast melodies in the upper register while she pounds out a boogie-woogie bass line, four feet tapping time better

  • Short Writing : A Chapter Essay

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    drawing spare thoughts on a sheet of paper. After a few trys at drawing the same thing three seperate ways, Alex settled on a variant and began to draw it in a larger scale on a clean sheet of paper. Knock Knock Knock.... Alex didn't move at all. 'Probably another one of mother's boyfriends.' Knock Knock Knock... "Hello!" A familiar voice shouted through the main door. Alex peeked out the blinds by his desk and down to the front door nearly right below his room. Outside of the door was another classmate

  • Descriptive Essay On A Hot Day

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    gone to the top deck to get coffee.  Lazily, I got out of the twin size bed, and walked a foot over to where our bathroom was.  It took more time to squeeze into the bathroom, but you get used to it.  When I came out, I walked out of the room and knock knock,  my parents door opened.  “When are we going to eat breakfast?” I questioned to my mom.  “In about 30 minutes, just get ready and we will meet you up there,” she stated as she closed the door in my face.     I was still in my pajamas and was putting

  • Doritos-Personal Narrative

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    Finally! Food! For a minute I thought I was going to starve to death here. I was sitting down and savoring the blue packet of Doritos right now I had in my hand. With my back leaning against the cluster of boxes, I looked up at Soundwave and shouted a short thank you to him. I was pretty sure that he was the one that got me all of these boxes of food. Soundwave just stared at me without response. Grabbing the opened bottle of water I had next to me, I downed the remaining water. Who knew that a

  • Life : My Future Life

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    exact routine, as an array of different colorful stitches extends from the knitting needles. Tomorrow I will be able to start a new knitting project, maybe use the blue wool to make new sweaters for the grandchildren. An unexpected sharp thud of a knock was heard at the door; more than enough to be detected by my aging ears. As much as it bothers me to get up, I refuse to let the rattling pain in my bones win against me. It isn’t that I get up at all, it just feels more complex than before. I just

  • The Birthday Party By Harold Pinter

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    I don 't think it is all that surrealistic and curious because surely this thing, of people arriving at the door, has been happening in Europe in the last twenty years. (qtd. in Esslin 36) This knock at the door is suggestive of the trepidation and helplessness felt by the Jewish communities in Europe on account of the genocide triggered during the Nazi regime. The knocking device is also indicative of an entry into the world of the abject to destroy

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight. She just nestled in closer embracing the embrace. They embraced each other for as long as they could when they heard a knock on the door. "You awake," said the voice. He did not answer the knock hoping that they would go away and that he could stay like this forever. KNOCK, KNOCK. Louder this time. "We are up," said Sarah. "We will be out in a minute." "OK breakfast will be ready soon," said Mark from behind the door. Mark has really taken on the