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  • Mechanical Engineering And Their Knowledge Of Environmental Engineering

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    Environmental engineers use their knowledge of biology and chemistry to create solutions to environmental problems. They are associated with controlling water and air pollution, recycling and ways of improving it, public health issues, and waste disposal. Environmental engineers evaluate hazardous-waste, advise on how to treat and contain the hazard, and develop regulations on how to prevent mishaps with the hazard in the future. They design water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems

  • Knowledge Based Expert System in Transportation Engineering and Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System

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    Knowledge Based Expert System in Transportation Engineering and Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System I. Abstract Advances in computer technologies have been changing transportation field. Based on those, Intelligent Transportation System has been proposed and being developed for the next generation transportation system. This system requires more utilization of Artificial Intelligence, such as Knowledge Based Expert System, than current one. Although Knowledge Based Expert System has not been

  • Knowledge Management For Engineering And Technology

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    Assignment #2 TMGT 513-01B Knowledge Management for Engineering and Technology Introduction Knowledge management defines the current use of the terms and identifies the core concept of managing knowledge in an organization (Atwood, 2009). The goal of Knowledge Management (KM) initiative is to improve the collective intelligence, or collective mind of the organizations and the resulting systematic coordination of knowledge ensures that the organization

  • Questions On Knowledge Management And Software Engineering Essay

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    REVIEW OF “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING” CHIKE CYRIL AMAEFULE Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD4222, Australia This paper presents a review of an advanced topic in engineering management. It should consist of one paragraph giving a concise summary of the material in the article below. Replace the title, authors, and addresses with your own title, authors, and addresses. You may have as many authors and addresses as you like. It is preferable not

  • I Want to Continue Pursuing Knowledge in Electronic Engineering

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    “I always believed that curiosity has been the cornerstone of man’s evolution”. which is the main criteria for gaining knowledge . Electronics is something which totally proven to be a massive revolutionary inventions to mankind which always intend to have drastic developments in it. This made me fascinate towards electronics subject to explore. Engineering is the key to save the earth, and electronics and communication engineers stand at the forefront of tackling obstinate problems from a global

  • Decision Making In Artificial Intelligence

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    Decision Making in Artificial Intelligence Sara Owsley Sood#1, Anila Sehar#2 Department of Computer Science Iqra University Abid Town Karachi, Pakistan 75500 Abstract Artificial intelligence techniques are increasingly enriching decision support through means as data delivery, analyzing data trends, providing forecasts, developing data consistency, information providing to the exploiter in the most appropriate forms and suggesting courses of action. Decision making is

  • Management Information System Case Study

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    INTELLIGENCE (AI) tools and techniques can aid in the diagnosis of disease states and assessment of treatment outcomes, so AI can be used by a decision support system as pattern recognition to analyze healthcare data and generate a representation of knowledge and make a decision support. One of this AI technologies tools is the Artificial Neural Networks which work much like the human brain and have the ability to learn from

  • Information system has become as universal in our daily business activities as human resource

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    Information system has become as universal in our daily business activities as human resource management, marketing, finance or any other major business functions. Information system play vital role to provide management with control over their data and to operate successful businesses. They make up a significant field of study in business administration and management, and this is the most business imperatives that include in a course in information system. If we want to understand information

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Clinical Decision Support

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    INTRODUCTION Clinical decision support provides clinical staff, patients and other individuals with person-specific information. The first computerized clinical support systems used in clinical practice was developed in the 1970s. There has been an outstanding number of clinical successes since their development, but their clinical practice routine is not as sustainable. Clinical decision support help to aid the clinician with decision making using relevant content at the point of computerized prescriber

  • Chapter 7 Review Questions

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    7 Review Questions 1. What is a knowledge management system? a. A Knowledge management system attempt to help organizations achieve their goals. They usually help in means of increasing profits or reducing costs. 2. What is a chief knowledge officer? What are his or her duties? b. A chief knowledge officer is a top level executive who helps the organization work with a knowledge management system to create, store, and use knowledge to achieve organizational goals. The duties