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  • Death Of The Mountain - Original Writing

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    Kobolds swarmed over the hill as Skrune fled for his life. He ran until his legs just about gave out. Gasping for air, he ducked behind a man-sized mushroom, hiding from the creatures, only a stone 's throw away. Luckily, he stood downwind. He wrinkled his nose as a breeze, carrying the stench of the creatures, blew passed him. Well, maybe not so lucky. He spotted at least thirty of the creatures, but didn 't doubt that there were more creeping around. A kobold bent down and sniffed the ground with

  • Short Story

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    “No, but I could forgive you your mistake. You’re here because you didn’t die. You’ve spent the last several hours being healed, true, but that was simply to get you mobile as soon as possible. By the time we’d found you after your failure to report for transplant, you’d already grown most of a new liver. It had, admittedly, been several days that you’d lain on the floor, so I had you brought here so I could study you.” Lung-Tze cocked his ancient, wrinkly head to one side. “You’re not following

  • Aozi Greek Story

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    lizardfolk ruling over the tribe kobolds. The dragon made the lizardfolk in charge of the law(like the heavy work) in the town, village, and tribe, though they didn't to any do of this alone themselves. they had a red dragonborn named Sullasar. her was a crude law holder but a "trusted one". she showed her dominance towards the lizardfolk’s chieftain and from that day on no one questions her actions nor orders. Normally the dragonborn upper class thought the kobolds and lizardfolk weren't so smart

  • The World Of Mysteries And Wonders

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    The TV flashed the commercial I had seen more times than I could count. Various scenes of a fantasy world flitted across the screen while a slightly overdramatic voiceover played up pretty much every trope imaginable. “Imagine a world with infinite possibilities…” A nomadic trading caravan traveled through a desert sandstorm with their wares packed on the backs of strange beasts. “A world of unending adventures…” A group of large, muscular people wearing leather and fur armors with rough looking

  • Short Story

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    but on his way, someone asked him to join their guild. He saw the saddened look of despicable trash of gamers and decided to join the guild. They then went to the first floor with an allied guild. The boss was a minotaur with a giant ax with some kobold minions the guilds start the attack and most of them die but then this player with a rapier starts to attack the boss and does significant damage and then Kirito joins them and defeats the boss and asked the cloaked person their name. Kirito then

  • Human Embryos

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    Introduction The concept of altering human genomic DNA has been around for decades, with pioneering studies in the late eighties illustrating the insertion of homologous DNA sequences at defined locations within mammalian chromosomes (Smithies et al., 1985). Only now, are these rudimentary techniques being replaced with rapid, inexpensive, and more efficient tools for genome editing (Zhang et al., 2014). Tools like CRISPR/ Cas9, which, were once a bacterial defense mechanism but have since been

  • Influence Of The Grimm Brothers ' Fairy Tales Essay

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    The Influence of the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales in Modern Society Imagine a young girl playing “dress up” in reenacting her favorite fairy tales such as Cinderella, who marries the prince who rediscovers her by her small shoe size because of this plot they lived “Happily Ever After”. However, not all fairy tales are innocent like Walt Disney created them to be for modern society. In fact, most original fairy tales have gruesome and tragic plots such as the Gimms Brothers version of Cinderella.

  • Case Study Of Swedish Krona

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    • Environmental Awareness Another important factor is that Swedish people are used to take care of the air inside their houses but now when they are aware of the environmental concerns and its consequences in terms of pollution and health it represent a very good opportunity for GIOEL. • Developed Direct Selling Market So in Sweden there’s a large but decreasing (in terms of turnover) direct selling amount with an increasing share of the person-to-person selling. If the trends will be confirmed