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  • Pgx : A Dietary Supplement

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    help in the goal for weight loss. PGX started being available to the public in 2007 and is available to be bought online or in stores (Banks, 2016). PGX is made of three different polysaccharides: Konjac Root (sometimes known as Glucomannan), sodium alginate and xanthum gum, the main ingredient being Konjac Root (Renee, 2015). “In the early nineties, researchers in the UK determined that two of these viscous polysaccharides had a synergistic effect. Researchers at the University of British Columbia

  • Is Lipozene Is A Popular Weight Loss Supplement Essay

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    help you lose weight while you still eat your favorite foods and no change in exercise required.” Lipozene alleges that you will feel full so you will not have to eat so you will lose weight. They claim to use a “clinically proven super-fiber from Konjac root” that will expand to absorb up to 200x’s its own size when in water. Going down the lipozene website there are claims that they have sold over 25 million bottles of the weight loss supplement, its clinically proven and its safe and effective

  • Vitasoy – Sparkling Soy Milk

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    Overview the product: ➢ Using soymilk as basis ➢ Nutrient healthy product that is featured with the most low saturated fat and abundant protein ➢ Using a plastic bottle as a container ➢ Selling it for both cool and hot option ➢ Adding “Konjac” inside the soymilk ➢ Shake it at least 10 times before drinking ➢ Not only can drink it, even can chew it ➢ Printed with dark in glow snow pattern that will glow white at night ➢ A heat sensitive feature. After holding it for a while, it

  • What Is The Relationship Between The Absorption Of Triglycerides And Fat-Soluble Vitamins?

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    The glucomannan konjac mannan has a lowering effect on vitamin E absorption in healthy volunteers and in diabetic patients (Jenkins et al., 20001). This could be demonstrated with the vitamin E tolerance test when the glucomannan was added to the test meal. It is uncertain

  • Lipozene Research Paper

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    is a diet pill that claims to help “you” lose weight with no strict diets and easy to use. It has all natural ingredients that are safe, which will make you reduce hunger and make you feel fuller and faster. The ingredients in lipozene is made from Konjac root known as Glucomannan. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber that acts as a dietary fiber gel in the stomach that will expands and make your stomach feel full so that “you” can eat

  • Speech On Rice Gluten

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    Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free? Rice noodles are staple to East and Southeast Asian cuisines. They are available fresh, dried, or frozen, and in different shapes and thickness. Rice noodles are made from water and rice flour. However, some manufacturers add other ingredients like corn starch or tapioca to improve its transparency and texture, making it more chewy and gelatinous. Some people who are concerned about their health may wonder, “Are rice noodles gluten free?” Here is some information that

  • Mooncake Festival

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    Moon Cake Festival: A Mid-Autumn Festival (Chung Chiu), the third major festival of the Chinese calendar, is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month. This festival corresponds to harvest festival s observed by Western cultures (in Hong Kong, it is held in conjunction with the annual Lantern Festival). Contrary to what most people believe, this festival probably has less to do with harvest festivities than with the philosophically minded chinese of old. The union of man's spirit with nature

  • Customer Behavior

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    Consumer Behaviour (MKT 3603) Consumer Behaviour Analysis of McCafe Table of Content Executive Summary 3 Company background 5 McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) 5 Industry Background 6 Direct Competitors 7 Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) 7 Pacific Coffee 8 Competitor Analysis 9 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Mccafe 10 Research Topic -Customer attitude towards McCafe 11 Problems from Research Finding 11 McCafe image issue 11 Too many inertia