Kurdish people

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  • The Rise Of The Peshmerga

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    an effective and powerful guerrilla fighting force at the time of the Iran and Iraq war in the 1980’s (“Who are the Peshmerga?,” 2014). The KDP and PUK were the governmental powers which influenced the Peshmerga and its formation. The head of the Kurdish

  • The Theories Of International Relations And Transnational Politics

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    nation states. In this essay, I used the case of the Kurdish diaspora to prove my point. As I mentioned earlier, the concept of transnational politics entails three important features. First, there is interaction between societal actors of different nation states. This was the case as the Kurdish diaspora is scattered all over the world, but kept in contact. Second, it bypasses the institution of government. This is also the case, because the Kurdish diaspora do not have a homeland and consequently no

  • Turkey After The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

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    Turkey, because politics can determine the mood of a country and its culture. Turkey’s party system currently consists of four main political parties, the Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, Nationalist Movement Party, and the Peoples’ Democratic Party. Each party has a huge political clout in the country, especially in the specific regions in Turkey. All the parties have an enormous bulge of youth supporters which contribute greatly. The Justice and Development party (AKP) became

  • The Islamic State Of Iraq

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    strategy to “eradicate” this terrorist group and what are the limits of the strategy of the international coalition led by the USA. The Islamic State is currently considered as the major threat of the USA according to a recent survey on American people . But is this group really strong, well-equipped and so a threat for the West? Firstly the Islamic State is the wealthiest terrorist group of the world. At the beginning some Gulf countries have helped the group but have stopped with the raising of

  • Syrian Kurds And The Civil War

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    groups, and remained a strong hold in the region of northern Syria. This conflict will continue to evolve and have major implications for the future of Syrian Kurds, and other groups in the region with regard to questions of resource control and Kurdish sovereignty. This is a conflict that requires national attention and concern because Syrian Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world that does not have a

  • History of Turkish Occupation of Northern Kurdistan Essay

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    at the indigenous ethnic Kurds. The main problem, now, is the Kurdish popular insurgency on it's hands, in Turkish occupied Northern Kurdistan. The Kurdish question has long been covered up and denied by the state of Turkey, but recent events has forced Turkey to concede that it has a serious Kurdish insurgency on its hands. Turkey's inability to deal with

  • Holocaust And Genocide: A Comparative Analysis

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    time; the Iraqi Kurdish genocide being one example. Both the Holocaust and persecution of the

  • The Iraqi Kurds

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    and demanded that Kurdish leaders reject it. Worried that independence for Iraqi Kurds would stir up their own Kurdish populations, Turkey threatened to impose sanctions or even use military force on the Kurds; Iran closed its border with Kurdistan and is backing Shia militias who fought with the Iraqi army against the peshmerga. Regional actors worried about their own stability were not the only ones to condemn the Kurds. Prior to the referendum, the United States pushed Kurdish leaders to delay

  • Essay on Kurdistan

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    world wars. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed after World War I, the Kurds were promised their own independent nation under the Treaty of Sevres. In 1923 however, the treaty was broken allowing Turkey to maintain its status and not allowing the Kurdish people to have a nation to call

  • Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a military and political organization which is mainly led by nationals of Iraq and Syria. ISIS has committed crimes of unimaginable cruelty in Syria and Iraq but the international criminal court (ICC) does not have the power to open a case, according to Fatou Bensouda. The court was unable to prosecute because neither Syria nor Iraq were members of ICC. (ICC, 2015) Crimes which have been reported, consist of mass executions, sexual slavery, rape and other