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    only because it seems so easy for people to get along that have empathy." Kurt Cobain, in his 'suicide note', found next to his corpse on Friday, April 8th 1994, stated his hatred towards human society. Dead at 27, he remains among one of the most monumental and controversial lyrists in history. In spite of his tempestuous marriage with drug addict, Courtney Love, reckless drug abuse, and a childhood drained of emotion, Cobain escalated to become the epitome of a rockstar - an alluring misfit who spent

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    Grunge King, Kurt Cobain, is a Revolutionary? Nirvana is defined as a transcendent state in which there’s neither suffering, desire, or sense of self (dictionary.com). February 20, 1967 was the day grunge music’s king, Kurt Cobain, was born. Aberdeen, Washington was the home of Cobain and sparked the band, Nirvana. Cobain started showing his love for the arts at around the age of five. At nine, his parents divorced and his life began going downhill from there. After the divorce, Kurt went to live

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    part an influential icon of grunge this was who Kurt Cobain was, as he was an inspiration to many for his talent, passion and beliefs around social constructs. The representation of a person effects the way they influence other people and in Kurt’s case the world. Some of the factors that contributed to Kurt’s influence was his lyrics in his music, the impact on his audiences both at live performances and interviews. Personal differences is shown in Kurt Cobain's documentary as they use the technique

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    If the words “alternative” and “rock” are uttered together, chances are, Nirvana immediately comes to mind. Nirvana, lead by Kurt Cobain, intend to push messages that oppose the mainstream through their music and image. Even though, at the height of their popularity they could certainly be considered rock stars, in an interview with MTV in 1993 Kurt famously says “we’re not rock stars”, he truly doesn 't wish to be categorized as one. Nirvana made a conscious effort to be seen in a completely different

  • A Tragic Hero : Kurt Cobain : A Tragic Hero

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    Kurt Cobain: A Tragic Hero “I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” (Kurt’s Biography) Kurt Cobain was one of rock’n’rolls most well known musicians. He was the main founder of the band Nirvana, Kurt was the lead singer and guitarist. He's most known for his song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which was released in 1998. Kurt had a rough adult life which was influenced by his rocky childhood. When he was in his early teens he began experimenting with drugs, which he continued

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    Kurt Donald Cobain The subject of this writing, is on a man who changed music; a man on the level of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. This individual is Kurt Donald Cobain from the revolutionary grunge/rock band, Nirvana. While some people would never consider Cobain to hold a major role in the shaping of our music and culture today, they haven’t taken the time to look around. Many people overlook the fact that music played a huge role in the lives of Americans during the 90’s

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    Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) was one of the most inventive and ingenious musicians not only in the 1990s—but in all of the twentieth century. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the grunge rock band Nirvana from 1987 to his death in 1994. Along with bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl (who was the band’s third and final drummer) changed the concepts of hard rock, punk, and heavy metal: and brought it to mainstream media. Before his rise to fame, Cobain had a rough childhood from his parents’

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    Aberdeen's Influence on Kurt Cobain The towns of Hoquiam and Aberdeen are located on the eastern edge of Grays Harbor in western Washington state. If you are a fan of the band Nirvana, you have probably heard of these names. If not, you are about to read how a town affected a person who in turn affected many people's lives. Kurt Cobain was the singer and guitarist for Nirvana. He was born in Hoquiam (population 9,000) and after six months of life moved to Aberdeen (pop. 16,500), an old lumber

  • Kurt Cobain And The Punk Rock Scene

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    rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” Kurt Cobain was widely known as being the lead singer and guitarist of the world famous punk band Nirvana. Not only was his band remarkably successful in their musical endeavors but they were also a big innovator in the punk rock scene. Kurt had early ambitions of becoming a huge success but personally did not expect to become so widely known, so when they quickly blew up Kurt didn’t know how to handle all of the attention(Montage of Heck)

  • Essay on Kurt Cobain: a Psychoanalytic Perspective of Personality

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    Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the Seattle based grunge rock band Nirvana. As Nirvana's lead songwriter, guitarist, and singer, Cobain took the music industry by surprise and is considered the godfather of the grunge rock movement. Cobain and his band had a prevalent influence on young teenagers of the 1990s and were considered idols by numerous individuals. Nirvana took the popular music industry by storm when they were able to revamp the genre of grunge rock and cause a dramatic shift in music