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  • Spanish Futbol Essay

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    focus on is La Liga, which is the highest division in Spanish futbol. The one that follows is La Segunda Division¸but peoples main focus is La Primera Division because the best of the best play in this division. As well this is where most of the fuel to the fire is, especially with the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The game becomes much more intense when these two teams are even mentioned. In order to grasp a full understanding of the phenomenon with Spanish futbol and La Liga we need

  • Research Paper On Lionel Messi

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    A small kid from Rosario, Argentina turned up to be a millionaire and a professional soccer player in the world right now. Lionel Messi! In this story i’ll tell you his biography, where/how did messi turned out to be a tall guy who was the smallest kid in his school, how did Messi became a soccer player and he helped Barcelona to win big leagues in Europe/Spain, And I will tell you about the awards he won and about the World cup he played for his national team Argentina. Soccer is a game played

  • The Success Of FC Barcelona

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    changed the football landscape by inventing the tiki-taka style of play, FC Barcelona have been known for their likable brand of football that always seemed to produce results. During their long and immensely successful history, they have won 23 La Liga titles, 27 Copa del Rey trophies, five Champions Leagues and four Cup Winners' Cups. As one of the richest and most popular clubs in the world, they can afford to be owned and financed exclusively by their own supporters. Since its inception, Barcelona

  • Life of Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro,[2] OIH, (born 5 February 1985),[3] commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguesefootballer who plays as a forward for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and who serves as captain of the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer worth £80 million (€93.9 million/$131.6 million). In addition, his contract with Real Madrid, in which he is paid €12 million

  • Messi

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    speed and relentless attacking style, he drew comparisons to another famous Argentinean footballer: Diego Maradona. Messi steered Barcelona to a wealth of success, most notably in 2009, when the left-footer 's team captured the Champions League, La Liga, and Spanish Super Cup titles. Even the great Maradona gushed about his fellow countryman. "I see him as very similar to me," the retired player told the BBC. "He 's a leader and is offering lessons in beautiful football. He has something different

  • Ballon D'or: Cristiano Ronaldo V Lionel Messi

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    He knew moving to Spain was going to add more pressure to him and this is where his rivalry with Lionel Messi started. While in Real Madrid, he won one Spanish La Liga, one Copa del Rey, and one Spanish Super Cup. Even though Ronaldo is tall, he has the speed to match with Messi. Since Ronaldo is a two-footer, he can play in both sides of the wings and as a striker and on occasions, midfield. Messi is a center-forward

  • Research Paper On Barcelona Tickets

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    you buy Barcelona Football Tickets you will get a good value for your money. This is a summary of all the major titles which Football Club Barcelona has won during the years: 23 times Spanish La Liga champions: 1929, 1945, 1948, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1959, 1960, 1974, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1993,

  • A Rich Club : Florentino Perez 's Management

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    training ground). Ramón Calderón was elected as club president on 2 July 2006 and quickly signed Fabio Capello as the new coach and Mijatović as the new sporting director. Real won the La Liga title in 2007 for the first time in four years but Capello was cut loose. On the 9th June 2007, Real played against Real Zaragoza at La Romareda. Zaragoza led Real 2–1 at the nearing end of the match. A late Van Nistelrooy equaliser followed by a last-minute Raúl Tamudo goal which sprung Real Madrid 's title hopes

  • What Is The Real Madrid Essay

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    immediately became one of the strongest in Spain and in 1905 the club won Copa del Rey (the “Royal Cup”) for the first time. Moreover, the “Royal Club” was able to achieve this trophy 19 times. In 1928, the Club of Madrid was one of the organizers of the La Liga, and three years later

  • Lionel Messi : The Greatest Footballer Of All Time

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    “Lionel Messi has made the break, he is gonna go for the goal! Lionel Messi shoots and what a fantastic goal…There is the whistle Barcelona wins 5-4 to Man City what a fantastic ending.” What would you say to the greatest footballer of all time? Lionel Messi has been an idle for thousands of people and I want to know why. What makes him so good? What is his story? All I know about the man is that he is an amazing football player for one of the best clubs, if not the best, called Barcelona. He participated