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  • Case Study: Gourmet

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    The company Who would have thought that a shop named as Gourmet initiated by Muhammad Nawaz Chatta in the area of Ichra would become one of the bakery and mithayii seller and most visited khaaba points in Lahore. Established in 1992, Gourmet, now currently run by Zubair Chatta (son of Nawaz Chatta’s) stood quite firm and active for every market trends and demands and yet all of the Lahories are pretty much familiar with its all types of products. Since the beginning, Gourmet’s management has never

  • Essay On Gujranwala

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    locale, northeastern Punjab region, Pakistan. The region is associated by rail and the Grand Trunk Road with Peshawar and Lahore. Gujranwala has a moderately radiant history. Gujranwala, on the Grand Trunk Street from Rawalpindi to Lahore, now the third biggest city in the Punjab, is of little centrality, even in the commonplace setting, because of its nearness to Lahore; like a number of optional urban areas, it has been profiting from the overflows of the capital of Punjab. Arranged on the

  • Pakistan Is The Most Misunderstood Country

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    A country has been ranked second in the list of most negatively rated countries in the world by a global poll for BBC World Service, which surveyed 24,090 people around the world in 2012. And that country is ‘Pakistan-Land of Pure’. The area of Pakistan is 880,940 square km (340,133 square miles). It is divided into 4 provinces; Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan along with federally administered areas. The country shares borders with Afghanistan to the northwest, China to the north

  • The Bombing Of Lahore, Pakistan

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    On Easter Sunday, Lahore, Pakistan was next in a growing list of countries attacked on a large by a suicide bomber in the past six months. The bombing, later claimed by Taliban affiliate Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, targeted a park populated with Christian women and children celebrating the holiday. Photos of bloody victims and rescuers soon surfaced as well as first-hand accounts of the explosion. The sheer horror and violent nature of the story and the photos as well as the constant international attention

  • The Campaign Of A Fund Raising Project

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    He began a fund-raising project. The goal was a dozen laptops and a server for a school. It would not be any ordinary school. Not one run by the government or dictated by Al Qaeda or the Taliban. One that is open to education for all. As he researched Pakistan, their culture, and the people, he began to fall in love with the nation. Money poured in from various sources. Companies donated computers. Smaller churches did what they could. It wasn’t long before he had both the airfare and the equipment

  • Swot Analysis Of Nestle Pakistan

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    retailer. If we talk about the segmentation, Pakistan is divided in to three zones. 1. South zone 2. Central zone 3. North zone Each zone is further divided in to more regions. Like if we talk about central zone it is divided in to five regions. 1. Lahore 2. Sahiwal 3. Multan 4. Gujranwala 5. Faisalabad This division is based on the size of market. If the size of market is small then we merge different areas and if the size of market is big then we consider area on

  • Case Study Of Gourmet Company

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    Abstract. Gourmet Company having workforce of 4500 people and 25 % yearly advancement has transformed into a principle association in the ice dessert shop and nourishment industry of Pakistan. The dangers of administering improvement are getting up to speed the relationship with to an extraordinary degree high laborers' parcel rate lower proficiency boundless complaints and grievances nonattendance of HR organization systems and a selective show procedure grasped by its proprietors. The CEO now needs

  • The Role Of Women In The Crow Eater By Bapsi Sidhwa

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    It describes the traumatic experience of a girl named Zaitoon, who has been brought up in Lahore city married to a village man in Kohistan. Due to the riots of partition, Zaitoon parents were murdered by the mob and she was adopted by Qasim who brings up her as his own daughter. Qasim moved to Lahore city with young Zaitoon and faced many difficulties to settle there. He used Zaitoon as a tool to get back to his tribal people by selling her for

  • The Role Of Manto

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    Manto is a Pakistani biographical drama film based on the Pakistani short story written by Sadat Hassan Manto. Manto film depicts the trials and tribulations of the writer underwent in order to have his literary work recognized after post-partition. The film sheds much needed light on long forgotten but thought provoking Mantos literary work and shows us the criticism of society back then but which are actually still present today. The role of Manto is played by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat who is the

  • Importance Of Indian Cinema

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    Cinema is a great source of promoting culture, values and norms of the society, it shows how exactly the people of that specific region are and how they live, think and do their activities. Indian movies are very much popular in our country and movies are very much seen in Pakistan. Bollywood is a largest showbiz industry in the world and one of the main reasons of great influence of Indian cinema in our society and culture is because of downfall of Pakistani showbiz industry. Pakistani cinema is